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Monday, August 11, 2008

The Kindred episodes

The tv series I miss the most has been Stargate Atlantis, and I finally was able to rent the episodes I missed from last season when I had to stop the cable .... The Kindred part 1 and part 2. I'd looked forward to these especially because they were about the show's doctor, Carson Beckett, who I like very much .... he had died in an explosion last season, but these two episodes saw him brought back to life, only to eventually have him become once more lost to his friends. Here's how it goes .....

- one of the members of the Atlantis team, Teyla, is kidnapped by the evil wraith/human hybrid Michael, so that he may experiment on her unborn baby to the end of creating an army of Wraith/human hybrids like himself.

- the Atlantis team gets some intel from a friendly wraith, Todd, as to the location of Michael's laboratory.

- the team, led by Col. John Sheppard, raids the lab only to find Teyla and Michael absent.

- the team does however find another prisoner in a cell of the lab, someone they didn't expect .... Dr. Beckett.

- he's brought back to Atlantis and some members of the team, like Ronon Dex, are skeptical about his authenticity .....

.... as it turns out, the doc is told that his telomeres show him to be a clone of the original Carson Beckett, most likely created by Michael to help him with his experiments.

- he begins to suffer organ deterioration due to his clone-ness and must be put in stasis until a cure can be someday found.

So sad! Now I have to wait who knows how long (til next season is rentable) to find out if they can revive him :(


Blogger victor said...

>So sad! Now I have to wait who knows how long (til next season is rentable) to find out if they can revive him :(

I'm sure that if they really want to revive him they should be able to cause after all, they, the creators are gods are they not?

"I" for one hope they see it your way. :(


2:14 PM  
Blogger crystal said...

Hi Victor - I hope so too :)

4:44 PM  

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