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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Heythrop College and UC Davis

- Heythrop College

Given the recent pepper-spraying at nearby UC Davis and the past tuition protests in the UK, I've been thinking about college, so when I saw philosophy professor Stephen Law's post about Heythrop College, I thought I'd mention it. First, from Wikipedia ...

Heythrop College is the specialist philosophy and theology constituent college of the University of London situated in Kensington Square .... It was founded in 1614 by the Jesuits in Leuven, Belgium, then moved in 1624 to Li├Ęge. During the wars surrounding the French Revolution, the college moved to Britain - philosophy was taught at Stonyhurst College in Lancashire and theology in St. Beuno's [The Big Silence] in North Wales. In 1926, the colleges came together in Heythrop Hall, Oxfordshire, then moved to London in 1970. It became a college of the University in 1971, and moved to its current Kensington location in 1993 .... The college also runs the Heythrop Journal ...

The college is Jesuit, but as Professor Law, an atheist, notes in his post ...

Heythrop is a Jesuit foundation (in fact it's the oldest college of the University of London, being founded by the Jesuits in 1614, though one of the most recent member colleges of the University). However, despite it's religious foundation, it is highly diverse in its' membership. I'm there, for goodness sake. And I'm made to feel very welcome too. The student body is no more "religious" than at other London colleges, and the staff have all sorts of views on the subject. There's no religious agenda at all. We just ask that you think and question with an open mind.

And apparently, Keith Ward is there too :) ...

But our greatest strength is in Philosophy of Religion. We have Professor's Keith Ward and John Cottingham working in this area as part of Heythrop's Centre for The Philosophy of Religion.

I don't really understand how tuition works in the UK - is it true that at one time all the universities were run by the state but now they've all become what we in the US would call private, and this is what the fee protests are about? For perspective (and if I've figured it our correctly) it looks like a year's fees for an undergrad at Heythrop would be about $5,000, while a year's tuition at UC Davis, a state run university, would be about $13,000, and weirdly, to go to a private school like Stanford, would be about the same as Davis. No wonder the Davis students were protesting fee hikes! As this news story states ... by the year 2015, UC students will be expected to pay $22,000 a year.


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