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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Dresden visits the Field Museum

My latest read is Dead Beat, book 7 of The Dresden Files novels - somehow I missed this one when going through the series. Harry Dresden, private investigator and wizard, searches for a mysterious book written by a dead necromancer while trying to avoid getting killed by zombies ;) His search takes him to the Field Museum, which hosts Sue. From the book ....

I went in the front entrance. It's impressively big. The first thing my eyes landed on was the crown jewel of the Field Museum - Sue, the largest, most complete, and most beautifully preserved skeleton of a Tyrannosaurus rex ever discovered. They're the actual petrified bones too - none of this cheap plastic modeling crap for the tourists. The museum prided itself on the authenticity of the exhibit, and with reason. There's no way to stand in Sue's shadow, to see the bones of the enormous hunter, its size, its power, its enormous teeth, without feeling excruciatingly edible.


I have seen a T Rex - the one at the California Academy of Sciences in Golden Gate Park in San Francisco - but I believe it's only a cast model, not the actual skeleton ....


Blogger scott davidson said...

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