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Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Some links

- see Bryan Cones' post Jesus loves me, this I know.... at US Catholic. I remember that song :)

- Enda Kenny (remember him?) won't be browbeaten by Cardinal Sean Brady (remember him?) over legislation to allow abortion in cases where a a woman's life is threatened, given the death of Savita Halappanavar (Irish Jury Finds Poor Care in Death of Woman Denied Abortion).

- Who Is Afraid of Justice for Child Sex Abuse Victims, and Who Is Fighting for It? ....

[...] The most fearful are the Catholic bishops, who are spending thousands, if not millions, in every state, in an attempt to stave off reform. What do the bishops fear most? In a word: truth. The nightmares of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops are filled, no doubt, with visions of every single state in the Union repeating the California scenario, where a window led to thousands of pages from their files revealing the basic truth that Cardinal Mahony of Los Angeles operated with ice-cold logic as he manipulated victims and families in order to protect pedophile priests from the law. In fact, the leading opponent to child sex abuse legislation in most states has been the Catholic Conference, which is the state lobbying arm for the bishops.


Anonymous Victor said...

Hi Crystal! Victor so called Two per cent or is that per sent age cells, no matter they are no more real than this so called "Jesus".

Anyway Crystal! We 98% godly cells of Victor are proud of you
if YA get our drift NOW? How there his 2% reality cells of Victor start thinking that he's a god like U>S and then believe that he has the right to say whatever he wants and on your blog at that!?

Whow! Just Whow! is all "I" can say! Keep "IT" UP Crystal and we'll remember YA after we convince the rest of humanity that the alien gods are not really lost soul machines. Listen, this "Jesus" was just another nice guy who thought HE was a god like U>S and "I" only say this if HE's for real NOW!

Crystal call U>S fools cause again we tried to help Victor and we took him and his wife to this loving United States of America for a couple of nights. Long story short, even The (Christian Innocently Accepted) them at their black jack table and wouldn't YA know "IT" the guys at the table were all over six feet tall and that didn't stop Victor from talking silly to them and long story short, after Victor asked them in so many words what hockey team they played for, they just Right, "I" mean Left and after we give him 3 black jacks, he decides to leave and leave his wife alone at the table. Don't tell Victor but long story short, we gods convinced his cells that The CIA only wanted to talk to his wife.

Anyway! Our casino showed him one of our special machine and after the girls in that machine fell in LUV with him, all he could give U>S was a few of his cells and wouldn't allow more of his cells to jump into "IT". Crystal, she let him cash in at least six times and she also gave him the slip about six times and believe "IT" or not our girls soul machine even yelled out on quiet a few occasions, Whow! Just Whow! and how does he reward her after she built UP his Egor, "I" mean Ego. He later went and give the money back to another soul machine.

Long story short, we took him to visit the big wheel and long story short we let Victor double his chips. Go figure these humans cause on the second night his wife joined him at the table and she lost all her chips but longer story short, we again let him more than double his chips and that machine soul who fell in LUV with Victor convinced "ONE" of her guy cells to check UP on him and after he/she lost all his/her chips was heard yelling, WHOW! JUST WHOW!

Hey Crystal! We gods could write all day, "I" mean a couple more pages but his wife just told him that she's got things for him to do if YA get my drift?

Before! Victor wakes UP, I better tell YA that we gods even gave his God Son who has Christ First, free tickets to see the fourth game of his Habs and he invited his grandpa. Go figure, Victor thought that we were setting him UP so he made UP a silly reason and instead he took "ONE" of his grand daughter and his wife to see Iron Man. Be "IT" written in time Crystal that we had nothing to do with his God Son being taken by Emergency to hospital Now. Iron MAN! There's a real man who believe in U>S (usual sinners), "I" mean godly souls so why can't all human children believe in The big "C" NOW and,,,,

End YA say sinner vic?

Come on be nice Victor cause you know that there's nothing left after the playoff NOW!

Go Figure brothers and sisters in Christ NOW! :)


8:52 AM  
Blogger crystal said...

Hi Victor,

You came here for gambling? Is it not legal in Canada? I've been to a few places to gamble - Reno and Lake Tahoe :)

3:15 PM  
Anonymous Victor said...

Crystal! As much as I like, "I" mean hate picking on woman, I must play my self defence card and tell the world that my wife of almost forty three years marriage put "ME", "ME" and "ME" UP to "IT" Now.

Go Figure wo

Long story short, she wanted to get rid of my couch cause I guess she must have thought that I was spending too much time on "IT" NOW.

Anyway, in the past, I had taken her through Michigan which included American and Canadian casinos and longer story short, she chose an American casino as her favorite place to go and visit again. I don't really know if aliens really do exist but I thank GOD that we Canadians don't vote by the internet if YA get my drift NOW?

I hear YA! Victor! Victor! Victor! I only asked YA in so many words if you had any legal casinos in Canada!?

Sorry! :)


4:21 PM  

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