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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Archbishop Gomez ....

and the Catholic Church in California are spending time and money to destroy a bill that would allow a one year relaxing of the SOL for sex abuse, and they've defined their actions as a fight for "religious freedom" - oh, how I despise these people :(

Catholic Church opposes extending priest abuse cases

A bill in California giving some alleged victims of sex abuse more time to sue is meeting stiff opposition from the Catholic Church, lawmakers said.

A group linked to the church, the California Council of Nonprofit Organizations, has hired five lobbying firms and spent tens of thousands of dollars fighting the measure, the Los Angeles Times reported Tuesday ... Two Catholic bishops have visited the Capitol in Sacramento to argue their case to the bill's chief author, Sen. James Beall Jr. of San Jose.

The key provision of the Beall's legislation would lift the statute of limitations on civil lawsuits for one year ....

And ...

Catholic Church lobbies to avert sex abuse lawsuits

[...] n the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, the campaign extends to the very top. Archbishop Jose H. Gomez warned parishioners last month in the church newspaper that the proposal "puts the social services and educational work of the Church at risk" and urged them to press their lawmakers to scuttle it.

The church, Gomez said, "faces deep challenges from the government" and cited the proposal as an example without explaining what it would do. "Let's pray for our religious freedom … and let's exercise that freedom by contacting our legislators about SB 131," he wrote ...


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