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Saturday, October 25, 2014

Movies for Halloween

One of my most hit upon posts from last year was 9 scary movies for Halloween so I thought I would add a few more films to it this year ....

Alien ... a 1979 science-fiction horror film directed by Ridley Scott, and starring Tom Skerritt, Sigourney Weaver, Veronica Cartwright, Harry Dean Stanton, John Hurt, Ian Holm and Yaphet Kotto. The film's title refers to a highly aggressive extraterrestrial creature that stalks and kills the crew of a spaceship. It's hard to beat this classic. Ebert gave it 4 stars.

- Aliens ... a 1986 American science-fiction action horror film written and directed by James Cameron, produced by his then-wife Gale Anne Hurd, and starring Sigourney Weaver, Carrie Henn, Michael Biehn, Paul Reiser, Lance Henriksen, William Hope, and Bill Paxton. It is the sequel to the 1979 film Alien and the second installment of the Alien franchise. The film follows Weaver's character Ellen Ripley as she returns to the planet where her crew encountered the hostile Alien creature, this time accompanied by a unit of space marines. This is one of my favorite movies. Roger Ebert gave it 3.5 stars in his review.

Anaconda ... a 1997 adventure-horror film, directed by Luis Llosa, starring Jennifer Lopez, Ice Cube, Jon Voight, Eric Stoltz, Owen Wilson, Kari Wuhrer and Jonathan Hyde. It centers around a film crew for National Geographic who are kidnapped by a hunter who is going after the world's largest giant anaconda, which is discovered in the Amazon Rainforest. I liked this, except for the snake-eating-people parts ;) Ebert gave it 3.5 stars.

- The Day After Tomorrow ... a 2004 American science fiction disaster film ... depicts catastrophic effects of global warming in a series of extreme weather events that usher in global cooling and leads to a new ice age. It starred Dennis Quaid, Jake Gyllenhaal, Emmy Rossum, Ian Holm, and Sela Ward. I find disaster movies particularly scary for some reason. Ebert gave it 3 stars.

- Fallen ... a 1998 neo-noir supernatural crime thriller film, directed by Gregory Hoblit, and starring Denzel Washington, John Goodman and Donald Sutherland. It's about demon possession - eek! I posted about it here. Ebert gave it only 2.5 stars.

- From Dusk till Dawn ... a 1996 American action black comedy horror thriller film directed by Robert Rodriguez and written by Quentin Tarantino. It stars George Clooney, Tarantino, Harvey Keitel and Juliette Lewis. It also stars Salma Hayek who does a snake dance that was quite something - oh, and there were vampires ;) Roger Ebert gave the film 3 stars.

- Invasion of the Body Snatchers ... a 1978 science fiction thriller directed by Philip Kaufman, and starring Donald Sutherland, Brooke Adams, Veronica Cartwright, Jeff Goldblum and Leonard Nimoy. Released on December 20, 1978, it is a remake of the 1956 film of the same name, which was based on the novel The Body Snatchers by Jack Finney. The plot involves a San Francisco health inspector and his colleague who discover humans are being replaced by duplicate aliens who appear to be perfect copies of the persons replaced, but devoid of any human emotion, who attempt to install a tightly organised, conformist society. Not the newest version of the movie (nor, according to most, the best) but I think it has an interesting cast - I posted about it here

- Lord of Illusions ... a 1995 American horror film written and directed by Clive Barker, based on his earlier short story, The Last Illusion (from Books of Blood Vol. 6). The film presents Barker's signature character Harry D'Amour onscreen for the first time. It stars Scott Bakula as D'Amour ... I tried to watch this because I like Scott Bakula, but it just creeped me out and I only got halfway through. Ebert gave it 3 stars.

- Night of the Demon ... a 1957 British horror film directed by Jacques Tourneur, starring Dana Andrews, Peggy Cummins and Niall MacGinnis. An adaptation of the M. R. James story "Casting the Runes" (1911), the plot revolves around an American psychologist investigating a satanic cult suspected of more than one murder. Yep, it's old, but still I found it quite creepy! I posted about it here

- The Prophecy ... a 1995 American fantasy horror-thriller film starring Christopher Walken, Elias Koteas, Virginia Madsen, Eric Stoltz, and Viggo Mortensen. It was written and directed by Gregory Widen, and is the first motion picture of The Prophecy series including four sequels. The film tells the story of the Archangel Gabriel (Walken) and his search for an evil soul on Earth, and a police detective (Koteas) who unknowingly becomes caught in the middle of an angelic civil war. I did find this pretty scary --- there's something about religious horror that especially gets to me.

- Revelations ... a six episode television miniseries that began airing on April 13, 2005 ... explores the End of Days ... It starred Bill Pullman and Natascha McElhone - a nun and a professor investigate the second coming of Jesus while trying to avoids Satan's minions.

- The Serpent and the Rainbow ... a 1988 American horror film directed by Wes Craven and starring Bill Pullman. The script by Richard Maxwell and Adam Rodman is loosely based on the non-fiction book of the same name by ethnobotanist Wade Davis, wherein Davis recounted his experiences in Haiti investigating the story of Clairvius Narcisse, who was allegedly poisoned, buried alive, and revived with a herbal brew which produced what was called a zombie. A strange movie in that it's taken from a non-fiction book by ethnobotanist Wade Davis. I've posted about him before here. Roger Ebert gave the movie 3 stars.

- The Village ... a 2004 American psychological thriller film, written, produced, and directed by M. Night Shyamalan about a village whose inhabitants live in fear of creatures inhabiting the woods beyond it. It starred Bryce Dallas Howard, Joaquin Phoenix, Adrien Brody, William Hurt, and Sigourney Weaver. Roger Ebert hated this and gave it only one star.

- World War Z ... a 2013 American apocalyptic action film directed by Marc Forster. The screenplay by Matthew Michael Carnahan, Drew Goddard, and Damon Lindelof is from a screen story by Carnahan and J. Michael Straczynski, based on the 2006 novel of the same name by Max Brooks. The film stars Brad Pitt as Gerry Lane, a former United Nations investigator who must travel the world to find a way to stop a zombie pandemic. I really liked this - wrote about it here

- Wolfen ... a 1981 American crime horror film directed by Michael Wadleigh and starring Albert Finney, Diane Venora, Gregory Hines and Edward James Olmos. It is an adaptation of Whitley Strieber's 1978 novel The Wolfen. I posted about the movie here. Ebert gave the movie 3.5 stars


Blogger Victor said...

Hi Cristal,

It's been awhile since I've been here and remembering from my two first blogs how much you liked your science fiction scary movies, i said to myself, why not see what she wrote about this time... anyway i see that you didn't let me down or should i say that these movies are almost as scary as sinner vic... as a matter of spiritual reality imaginary fact, little old me lost a bet to sinner vic saying that if you had no comment... well let's just say that sinner vic won and the show must go on...

Enough already Victor cause YA know that we're gods and that's why we "ONE" and YAR just jealous of US (usual sinners) "I" mean us gods are are invisible angels and by the way... the winning number is "Seven"...

Where was "I"?... Victor we want our wife back... you've had her for forty four years now and you've got us con "I" mean convince that YA can act for a Canadian... butt YA should fallow the "Q" card that the alien gods supply because we idols, "I" mean we gods could find ourselves in deep see, "I" mean sea dodo if YA don't get "IT" done... Don't forget what happened in 1956 and the only thing that is protecting YAS Puppets, "I" mean animals, no, no, "I" meant to say YAS good Body Snatchers are a few Virus who don't stand a chance cause they know not what they do, do... Stop trying to scare people Victor with movies like, here today gone tomorrow, "I" mean movies like: As Above so Below...

Come Victor... throwing in a few reality bones and a nun and a professor investigate the second coming of Jesus while trying to avoid Satan's minions also doesn't scare us gods... OK the fact that Victor's "Jesus" does say in so many words that even if a dead person did visit humanity... hell, "I" mean don't try to scare us gods with millions of worthless bones, "I" mean how silly now... snakes eating people... truth be known what "I" do find pretty scary is that what if spirits and souls were for real and they could be eaten alive --- Victor! Victor! Victor! There's something about religious horror stories that especially gets to me like The Prophecy of L'Amour... "I" would advice animals, "I" mean stay out of the Amazon Electronic Rainforest if YAR looking for the world's largest giant anaconda.

Just remember Victor that angels do not exist and "IT" is only us gods who are invisible... If YAR so called Father had created invisible Angels and "IT" was true that nothing is truly destroyed by GOD (Good Old Dad)... very scary if these angels lived on all provinces, "I" mean on all Planets...

imagine if you could them needing our body cells to exist... spirits and souls YA say... BOO HOO HOO...

Listen Victor... tell so called good humans to stay out of our bedroom... "I" mean the bedroom of alien Nations and fall, "I" mean they should fallow there "Q" and not provoke us and...............................and.........................and...

END YA SAY sinner vic? DON'T BE LIKE THAT! BE NICE NOW![LIST_EMAIL_ID]&ct=t%28Dracula+Campaign%29&mc_cid=1a0f75868b&mc_eid=[UNIQID]

Go Figure brothers and sister in Christ nowadays


God Bless Peace

11:04 AM  
Blogger crystal said...

Hi Victor,

Thanks for the links. Happy Halloween :)

12:10 PM  
Blogger RUTH JONES said...

Hey! You have shared informative post. I think it is very helpful post for the people who love to watch Halloween movies. I watch the village movie and I loved joaquin phoenix scar performance in the movie.

10:32 PM  

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