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Monday, May 18, 2015


- Irish Catholics Could Change History by Voting for Marriage Equality This Week ... This Friday the Irish look set to vote in favor of legalizing gay marriage. If they do, they’ll be casting off the mantle of oppressive and suffocating religious doctrine.

- How TV Sex Got Real

- Oliver Sacks Knows What It Really Means to Live

- Jude Law to play hard-line American pope in new TV series

- Pope Francis says good stuff about spiritual directors, but (more) bad stuff about women ... The Church needs ‘the feminine genius’, says Pope Francis

- Self-driving cars are coming to California. How I wish I could afford one of them! Google Self-Driving Cars to Hit the Road in California this Summer

- Sorry, Evo Psych Fans. Our Caveman Ancestors Probably Practiced Gender Equality.

- The children of supposedly celibate priests ... Bishops must support the children of priests

- Diary of a Madman. Will the new Mad Max movie be any good? I'm a fan of the old Mad Max movie, or at least the first two, and have seen them many times. Perhaps most non-fans imagine Max was a scary bad guy, but actually he was good - a cop in post-apocalyptic Australia whose wife and baby were murdered by a brutal motorcycle gang - it's no wonder he went a bit mad, but he was still able to care. Here he is with his dog :) trying to elude the bad guys ...


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