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Thursday, September 24, 2015

Pope's Congressional speech and scientists on his climate message

Reading Pope Francis' speech to Congress today. The parts that appealed to me were the mention of the Golden Rule, his request to abolish the death penalty, his hope that there will be a redistribution of wealth, his criticism of arms dealers, and his mention of his encyclical on the environment. Read more - Inside Pope Francis’ Address to Congress

Speaking of the Pope on the environment, I saw this article today ... What Scientists Think About the Pope's Climate Message. Here's just the beginning of the article ....

As Pope Francis addresses a joint meeting of Congress today (Sept. 24), scientists are praising his encyclical on climate change — with a few caveats about population control.

A series of editorials published today in the journal Nature Climate Change applaud the pope's in-depth missive for his calls for collective action on warming temperatures, which are driven by fossil-fuel combustion. The encyclical was a "decisive democratic act," wrote Anabela Carvalho, a communication sciences professor at the University of Minho in Portugal. It was "passionate and compelling," added Stanford University ecologist Paul Ehrlich and University of California, Berkeley environmental scientist John Harte in their co-authored editorial.

But the researchers warned that change would be difficult in the face of an entrenched status quo. And it might not be possible, some said, to save the world without contraception, which the Catholic Church opposes. [Catholics in America: Views on Contraception & Other Social Issues (Infographic)]

"Pope Francis needs to heed his own comments on the church's 'obsession' with contraception and abortion, and assume a leadership position in support of women’s rights and family planning," Ehrlich and Harte wrote ......


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