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Thursday, February 25, 2016

Why do women like Trump?

Saw this article today - Do Women Find Donald Trump Attractive? An Investigation. ...

[...] To answer all my questions about whether Trump is really, objectively a troll, I called up an evolutionary psychologist, Todd Shackelford of Oakland University. He assured me that Trump is not, from a scientific point-of-view, good-looking .... And yet, he says, “I would be astounded if there weren’t large portions of the population, particularly the female population,” who see Trump as sexy, because “status, prestige, and resource acquisition are remarkably predictably linked to assessments by women of male attractiveness.” In other words, research backs up the notion that, when it comes to assessing the rich and famous, “women are far more forgiving of physical attributes.” (The reverse, Shackelford says, “is definitely not true.”) ...

Here's Trump back in the day, asked if he would ever want to be president ...

It's a familiar trope, the idea that women are attracted to men who have wealth and/or power, but I don't think that's true. I'm not, for instance. I believe what is attractive to many people is competence, the ability to do something well, and that isn't necessarily connected to wealth or power, though sometimes they're found together. Maybe some women see Trump's financial success as a sign of his competence .... I don't, myself, but it may help explain this disturbing phenomenon without resorting to the "women only care about money and power" thing.


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