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Monday, May 30, 2016

Bernie and bacon

Watching the news tonight, I saw a video of some protestors at a Bernie Sanders rally in Oakland, California ... "Video appears to show secret service strike one of the barricade jumpers several times with a night stick." So who were these people and why were they protesting at a Bernie rally?

They appear to be part of an animal rights group headquartered in Oakland. Here's a past article about them in The New York Times - Animal Rights Group’s Video of Hens Raises Questions, but Not Just for Farms.

And why would they protest against Bernie? They think he's in the pocket of animal agribusiness. I don't know if this is true or not, but that assertion does help explain a past disagreement between Russell Simmons (see How to Defend Being Vegan at The Atlantic) and Bernie. Here's a CNN interview from a few months ago with Simmons on why he decided not to endorse Bernie but instead to endorse Hillary ...

And here's a later CNN video in which Sanders' wife comments on Simmons, saying that Bernie is on the side of farmers because Americans like to eat beef, pork, and bacon ...


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