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Saturday, November 04, 2017

It's raining and that's ok

It's raining here in drought-world (California). Here's Mouse during a break in the showers ...

Rain has made me anxious every year because the garage where the cats stay in rainy weather has a badly leaky roof and it was quite a chore trying to soak up the leaks with cardboard. But this year my sister and I figured out how to tarp the roof without having to actually climb up there, and so, no leaks. it's such a relief! Here's a kind of fuzzy photo of inside the dry garage ...

Some of the cats don't like to be in the garage when it rains - for some reason they want to stay on the brick planter area so I made a little tent for it out of a piece of tarp ...

I think this calls for a rain song from Eric Clapton :) ...


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