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Wednesday, June 06, 2018

50 years ago ...

People often ask what the Democratic party stands for, besides being against Trump. Well, the Democratic party stands for public education, for protecting the environment, for universal health care, for workers and unions and justice for the poor, and for the civil rights of racial and ethnic minorities, of LGBT people, of women, and of those members of all religions and of none.

But today I was listening to a short video about Bobby Kennedy, who was killed 50 years ago just after the California primary, and this one sentence of his describes very well what the Democratic party stands for ... that "Every American, no matter what his background, what his creed, what color of his skin, or where he lives, shall walk with dignity and honor in the United States. "

That idea is the opposite of what the Republicans and Trump stand for, so yes, being a Democrat means being against Trump.


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