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Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Internment camps

- Hayward, California. Two children of the Mochida family who, with their parents, are awaiting evacuation bus.

My ex-husband was Japanese, the third generation of his family which had immigrated to the US (known as Sansei). His parents, US citizens, were forced with their families into internment camps during WWII. His father was just about to start college and his mother was in high school. Their families lost everything they had. I don't know many of the details of what happened to them because they never talked about it to me and the ex didn't really talk about it either. Still, I believe they were profoundly affected by it. They tried so hard to fit in, giving themselves new American first names, living in a Bay Area community where they were the only Japanese, their kids marrying Caucasians.

I was thinking of them today when I heard that Trump's repellent Muslim ban was blessed by the Supreme Court (thanks to the stealing of the judgeship from Merrick Garland and gifted to Trump's toady, Gorsuch). I'd been thinking of it all week too because of Trump's repellent separation of families at the border.

The Trump administration and its Republican stooges in Congress are turning back the clock to a time of America's shame. I hope they live to deeply regret it.

Here's more on all this from Rachel Maddow ...


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