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Sunday, January 18, 2015


- Reading Juicing ‘guru’ mocked on Twitter for ridiculously healthy diet. My own "day on a plate" so far ... hot chocolate and pizza bunnies for breakfast, veggie chips and white tea for lunch. What's for dinner? Maybe a toasted cheese sandwich and Ranchero beans ... mmmmmm :)

- Pope stumped: Why does God allow children to suffer? The pope opined that there is no answer to the problem of evil but I think there *is* one, though I haven't figured out what it is yet.

- Thomas Reese SJ: The church is more than just the pope .... I wish he [Francis] knew how to talk about women in a way that would be more acceptable to educated women. I wish he would ask for the resignations of bishops who have lost credibility with their people by not following the church's rules on dealing with abusive priests. Amen to that!

- Decision to canonize Father Junipero Serra draws divided reaction ... When Father Junipero Serra and his cavalcade arrived at la bahia de San Diego in 1769, between 225,000 and 310,000 natives inhabited the territory that would become the state of California. The string of missions he and his Franciscan order established would become an origin story for the state, a folkloric tale of vineyards and benevolent friars, taught to students from Modoc to San Ysidro. Reality was much harsher. The Spanish flogged natives who disobeyed, banned their beliefs and customs, captured those who tried to escape. In the end, they converted less than a quarter of the population, while their livestock and disease destroyed native food supplies and decimated villages.


Anonymous Richard said...

Had some of Annie's instant mac and cheese the other day. Yum:)

9:21 AM  
Blogger crystal said...

I haven't tried that yet but it does sound yummy :)

1:36 PM  

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