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Sunday, May 02, 2021


Bernie was on Meet The Press today ...

While the Republicans are spending their time lying their asses off about hamburgers and trying to creatively re-count past election ballots, the Democrats, and especially Bernie (an Independent), are actually trying to help people. God, I hope Medicare *will* pay for glasses and dental. I have one pair of glasses, over 20 years old, and now the foot on one leg has fallen off. And the dentist ... don't get me started.

I wish all the Repubocan politicians would be transformed into povery-striken wretches without help or hope. Let them live in that world for a while (or forever). It might give them a little perspective.


Blogger Katherine Nielsen said...

I keep getting mail and phone calls (that I don't pick up) trying to get me to go with a Medicare Advantage plan. Supposedly they cover vision and dental. But only if your provider is on the list, and accepts assignment. Which most of them don't. It is basically an HMO and you are limited for providers. It's hard to get back on traditional Medicare if you decide you don't like the Advantage plans. So I'm not interested. And I've read how those plans are a cash cow for the insurers, otherwise they wouldn't be trying so hard to sell them.

11:12 AM  
Blogger crystal said...

My sister and brother-in-law do have a Medicare Advantage program for dental and other stuff. But it costs extra money, so I haven't signed up for it.

They do have dental medicaid in CA now, but it is pretty bad. Last year I had an abscessed tooth so I decided to try it. They had assigned me to a certain dentist. He said it was an emergency and I would have to have the tooth removed and a bunch of the bone in my jaw taken out. And I'd need a cadaver bone implant to go in the empty space, or my other teeth there would crumble into the hole. eeeek! And then he wanted to put crowns on the two surrounding teeth, and a connected crown where the missing tooth was.

They sent in the papers to the medicaid place, and 5 weeks later ... 5 weeks! ... they said that yes, the infected tooth was an emergency and could be removed. But they wouldn't pay for the bone implant. Wouldn't pay for the crowns because the bad tooth was # 6 from the front and they would only let you have crowns on teeth 1 - 5 (metal crowns, not enamel).

Lucky for me, my tooth had actually gotten better during the 5 weeks, so I never went back to the dentist. Our tax dollars at work ;)

1:22 AM  

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