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Sunday, May 15, 2022


The top article at America magazine, the magazine run by the (all male) Society of Jesus: The Editors: Roe v. Wade was a legal and moral travesty. Its end can bring true justice for women and the unborn.

This, as another red state, Nebraska, promises a total ban on abortion, with no exemptions for rape or incest. So much for all the moderation these pro-lifers promised in the past. So much for their pretense of caring about women.

There was a time when the Jesuits, at their 34th General Congregation, actually took a stance *for* women ... Decree 14: “Jesuits and the Situation of Women in Church and Civil Society,” General Congregation 34 (1995). One of the things they promised they would do? Listen to women ...

[W]e invite all Jesuits to listen carefully and courageously to the experience of women. Many women feel that men simply do not listen to them. There is no substitute for such listening. More than anything else, it will bring about change. Unless we listen, any action we may take in this area, no matter how well intentioned, is likely to bypass the real concerns of women and to confirm male condescension and reinforce male dominance. Listening, in a spirit of partnership and equality, is the most practical response we can make and is the foundation for our mutual partnership to reform unjust structures ...

I'd like to hope they were sincere back then, but obviously the Jesuits, like the rest of the hierachy of the church, has only become more and more conservative over the past few decades. Now the Jesuits are in the front lines of the pro-life movement and they have declared that as their first purpose.

Jesuits, those of you who still remember and respect the idealism of the time of Arrupe and Kolvenbach ... keep your promise. Listen to the vast majority of women in the US who support Roe v Wade. Women and girls will die because of abortion bans. Not embryos, but actual people. Think about what side you are choosing - the side of Trump and his extremist followers. Jesus, was such a friend to women. You should be too.


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