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Monday, August 15, 2022

Top secret

- In 1934, Hitler became Germany's head of state with the title of F├╝hrer und Reichskanzler (leader and chancellor of the Reich). Wikipedia

As I watch the news surrounding Trump and the government documents. I'm getting pretty depressed.

Trump stole government documents. Then he lied about that and refused to give them back. It doesn't matter if they were classified or not, or what they were about ... an ex-president has no right to take government documents.

Meanwhile, Trump continues to rile up his gun-toting thugs against the FBI and the DOJ. Republican voters do not care what Trump has done .... he is their god. And Republican politicians do not stand up for "law and order" but instead do their master's bidding. The Republican party that cared about "the blue" is dead ... there is only the cult.

The question before us is not "is Trump guilty of a crime?". He is. The question for us is "have we reached the point in America where a demagogue is now so powerful, he can't be held to account by the government?". I'm afraid we are almost there.

Time to brush up on your Germany-in-the-30s history.


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