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Friday, January 20, 2023

Anti-abortion march

Anti-abortion activists attend first March for Life ‘with fresh resolve’ post-Roe

[T]his year’s march marks a turn in the fight against abortion rights, with opponents’ primary goal of overturning Roe v. Wade met and half of all states having banned or restricted access to abortion in most cases. But anti-abortion advocates contend that their work isn’t finished as they aim to advance legislation that restricts abortion at the state and federal levels, including setting a minimum federal standard on the procedure ...

First, the pro-life movement is not actually pro-life in any meaningful sense, and would be more actuately described as an "anti-reproductive rights for women" movement.

Now that they have doomed Roe, they are trying to doom abortion via medication as well, and are also reminding their legislators to pass a federal ban on abortion. I have no doubt that an effort to restrict contraception will follow.

I don't believe the "pro-life" movement will be satisfied until they have dragged women back to the time that their darling, Nick Fuentes, gushes about. It's a time when women have no access to abortion or contraception, when women can't get divorced, when women cannot vote, and when women cannot be in the workforce .... a Catholic Taliban dictatorship, as Fuentes describes it.

This idea is both repugnant and laughable. Somehow members of this movement, like members of the Republican party, have convinced themselves that a majority of Americans share their views, despite all electoral and polling evidence to the contrary. Their desire to impose their minority will on the rest of us will backfire, and hopefully destroy the "pro-life" movement, along with what's left of the Republican party.


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