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Saturday, January 14, 2023

The Monster

- photo from 1987 party, L to R: Trump, Carroll, John Johnson, Ivana

The Monster. That's how I think of Trump. He shows his stripes again ...

Under oath, Trump hurled insults at woman who alleges rape

Combative and unapologetic, former President Donald Trump denied sexually assaulting columnist E. Jean Carroll under questioning from her attorney — repeatedly referring to her using derogatory terms and threatening to countersue, according to excerpts of a 5-and-a-half-hour October deposition unsealed Friday ....

The excerpts reveal a contentious battle between Trump and Roberta Kaplan, a lawyer for Carroll, who questioned him as Trump called the former longtime Elle magazine columnist the perpetrator of "a complete scam" in which she described the rape as she "was promoting a really crummy book."

"I will sue her after this is over, and that's the thing I really look forward to doing. And I'll sue you too," he told Kaplan ....

At one point in the deposition, Trump called Carroll "sick, mentally sick." He mischaracterized an interview Carroll had given on CNN, falsely claiming she had talked about enjoying being sexually assaulted. "She actually indicated that she loved it. Okay? She loved it until commercial break," Trump said. "In fact, I think she said it was sexy, didn't she? She said it was very sexy to be raped. Didn't she say that?" ....
[No, she didn't]

At another point in the deposition, Kaplan asked Trump if he had ever touched a woman on her breast or buttocks or any other sexual part without her consent.

"Well, I will tell you no, but you may have some people like your client that lie," he responded ....

You can see the transcripts here

For some context, check out the Wikipedia page listing all the accusations of sexual assault against Trump by different women over the years - Donald Trump sexual misconduct allegations


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