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Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Kamala Harris

Joe Biden has chosen my state senator, Kamala Harris, as his running mate. I had wondered if Susan Rice might be best, but as I think it over, Harris is probably better politically. Here's more ....

Monday, August 10, 2020

Cool Yoda

It's 99 F today. When we got the window air conditioner, I worried the noise would scare Yoda, but she actually likes to nap right next to it ...


Thursday, August 06, 2020

The interview

Watching Axios reporter Jonathan Swan's interview for HBO with Trump ...

Holy mackerel! I've never listened to Trump speak for such a length of time and it was scary. On every subject brought up, he had a skewed and false perspective that was a combination of lie and created alternate reality.

As I watched, I was reminded of two books, one by James Comey and one by Andy McCabe, both directors of the FBI fired by Trump. They describe how Trump talks non-stop, lying contimuously, and trying to coerce his subject's tacit agreement with his relentless bullsh*t. Most people just wither under this barage ... it's easier to nod and stay quiet and hope it will all end soon ... but this is how Trump eats people up until their independence and integrity is destroyed. Comey and McCabe were able to stand up to him and speak the truth, and so they were fired.

Wednesday, August 05, 2020

Fortune: San Francisco

As I mentioned in an earlier post, San Francisco is a wonderful city, but that doesn't mean it doesn't have it's problems. It's extremely expensive to live there, and there is a huge economic disparity among the inhabitants - in short, there is a lot of homelessness. This issue comes scarily close: if my mom had not left my sister and me this house, I feel I could have ended up in such a situation. Yes, there is section 8 housing for people on social security, but the wait list here is years long.

But don't believe Trump when he goes on about the homelessness problem in San Francisco. His idea is to end homelessness by eradicating homeless people, as if they were vermin. Instead, in San Francisco, people of good will are working on ways to help those in need. Above is a short video from Fortune about San Francisco and these conomic problems (and it has a lot of beautiful views of the city).

Ed Yong

A couple of days ago I saw science writer for The Atlantic, Ed Yong, on MSNBC - he has written a piece on the pandemic: How the Pandemic Defeated America.

Ed has a different perspective as he is British, and so clearly sees how weird and immoral it is to have a country where access to health care is tied to money, even duting a pandemic.

I have been reading Ed's work for years. When I first came upon him, he was a blogger at National Geographic at Not exactly Rocket Science. I liked that blog because he wrote a lot about animals. It was there that I learned that almost all female creatures are fertile and have babies their whole lives: only in a few species, like humans and killer whales, do females have menopause (Why Killer Whales Go Through Menopause But Elephants Don't).

Sunday, August 02, 2020

San Francisco

Thinking of one of my favorite places today - San Francisco. Though it's about 90 miles away from here, we spent a lot of time there over the years, all good.

Saturday, August 01, 2020

Experiment #2

OK, blog posting experiment with new interface, #2.  Still need to figure out some stuff. But as they say on Stargate ...

A lot has happened in the news in the last few days, and these two items especially struck me.

It seems Jared and his school/business cronies created a national plan to deal with the pandemic but then decided not to use it because they believed that mostly only Democrats would die of the virus.

And the question arises, is Trump trying to doom TikTok because of Sarah Cooper's videos? ...

Friday, July 31, 2020


Sigh - Blogger has updated their interface and it's going to take me a while to figure out how to do everything, but meanwhile, let's listen to President Obama giving the eulogy for John Lewis ...

Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Joy to the World

Things have been so grim lately. Need something cheerful. Joy to the World by Three Dog Night, 1975 ...

Monday, July 27, 2020

In the Great Northwest

Wall of Moms, Black Lives Matter protesters sue Trump administration for use of tear gas, force in Portland

[...] In the lawsuit filed Monday, which was convened by the nonprofit organization Protect Democracy, protesters allege they “have been tear-gassed night after night, left vomiting and unable to eat or sleep because of the toxic poison blasted at them. They have been shot at over and over — with rubber bullets, bean bags, pepper spray, and a range of other projectiles fired at close range and with brutal effect. They have had flash-bang explosive devices detonated right in front of them. They have been forced to speak and assemble in fear of not just bodily harm, but the possibility of sudden arrest without probable cause.” ...

We shouldn't allow Trump and the conservative media to misrepresent what's happening at these mostly peaceful protests in the Great Northwest ("the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances"). Trump is making matters worse in order to make himself look capable and strong with his private militia, all so he can get re-elected. And I think there's a further future motive - this militia stationed at polling places to scare away voters, this militia used to back Trump up if he loses the election and refuses to leave.

Saturday, July 25, 2020


It's just another Caturday here at the manor, as one of my sister's old boyfriends used to call our house.

We did our weekly chores: first to the public library to pick up two tv series DVDs, then to Safeway to get Viva paper towels, then to the pet store for canned cat food, then to Whole Foods for TP and almonds, then to Raley's for everything else.

Then home to feed Yoda and the other cats, sweep the driveway and porch, eat ice cream, and read my latest kindle book from the library, The Rise of Skywalker: Expanded Edition.

Now it's night, and the neighbors are having more parties and setting off leftover fire works - let the good times roll (sigh).

So many here in California are trying to pretend life is normal, as things are going exceptionally badly ... It’s Emotional Whiplash’: California Is Once Again at the Center of the Virus Crisis

I worry. It's taking a risk every time we go out, but there's no other way to do basic stuff like grocery shopping. I just cross my fingers and remember, as Kate McKinnon says, during the pandemic, every day is Caturday :)


Timothy Snyder, Yale history professor and author of the book On Tyranny, was on Rachel Maddow's show tonight ...

Meanwhile, not satisfied with the chaos he's creating in Portland, Trump is now sending his secret militia to Seattle as well. Here's an ad on the subject from ...

Friday, July 24, 2020


Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez spoke about being accosted and sworn at (f*cking b*tch) by Republican Congressman Ted Yoho. Almost every woman will recognize what happened to AOC. I'm glad she was able to put in the congressional record what sexism is all about. The Republican Congress and the Republican president think they own us, that they can poop on women with impunity. I believe the next election will show them how very wrong they are.

Thursday, July 23, 2020


Trump, who is doing horribly with suburban women in polls, tries to get them back ...

Nope. Trump might have had more luck with women ... women, not "housewives" ... if, I don't know, perhaps he wasn't an accusdd rapist and sex offender, or if he hadn't committed adultery numerous times, or if he hadn't told teenage Ivanka to get a boob job, or if he didn't work to take women's contraception off their health care, or if he didn't try to doom legal abortion, or if he didn't berate women reporters, or if he wasn't sending his goons to attack the Portland wall of moms, or if he hadn't given well-wishes to accused sex trafficker Ghislaine Maxwell, etc, etc, etc.

Also, Trump fails at this because, as always, he tries to appeal to people's worst instincts - in this case, racism (Trump administration ends Obama fair housing rule). Trump projects his own rotten interior on to everyone else, but most of us "housewives" actually have a moral compass.

Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Trump & Maxwell

Trump answered a question about accused sex trafficker and Jeffrey Epstein's enabler, Ghislaine Maxwell, by saying he wished her well. He had no words of comfort for her victims, of course. This isn't surprising given that he was friends with Epstein and Maxwell for decades, and given that Trump himself is a sexual predator.

One aspect of this Trump comment reminds me of his comments about Roger Stone and Mike Flynn. When Stone and Flynn were arrested/on trial, Trump averred that they were being unfairly treated. Eventually Trump commuted Stone's sentence and got Barr to let Flynn off the hook. Why? Most believe it's because they had incriminating evidence about Trump.

Is it possible that Ghislaine Maxwell has incriminating evidence against Trump of a sexual nature?

More: What’s Going On With Ghislaine Maxwell and Donald Trump?

Monday, July 20, 2020

Martial law?

In this news video below, we see a navy veteran in Portland approach Trump's amorphous federal "troops" to speak to them. They sprayed him in the face with pepper spray and beat him with their batons, breaking his arm. And now Trump is planning to send more federal goons to other "Democratic" cities ...

The Republicans of the Lincoln Project have an ad about this ...

I find this incredibly disturbing. The Lincoln Project ad seems over the top, but is it? Think of all the lines Trump has crossed, all the norms he had obliterated. Think of his recent statement that he might not accept the results of the upcoming election. Think of the Dept. pf Justice and Homeland Security and the federal "troops" they command .... up to now they have gleefully followed Trump's every questionable order. Is a declaration of martial law next?

Sunday, July 19, 2020

Wallace interview

I haven't watched the whole Fox interview of Trump with Chris Wallace, but I did see this Washington Post 4 minute compilation ...

Even just watching only four minutes of it was excruciating ....

- Trump continues to say that if we did not test for the virus, there would be no cases. Wallace explained to him that the numbers are not going up because of more testing, that the rate of positivity is also way way up, meaning a larger percnetage of tested people are infected. Trump was either too stupid to understand this idea, or he is gas;oghting the public by pretending to believe that if we didn't test, there would be no cases. OK, his cult followers are pretty intelligence-challenged, but doesn't Trump realize that the majority of Americans see him as an idiot?

- Despite all the challenges to states to make schools safe, as pointed out by Wallace, Trump continues to insist that schools must all open or he will keep back federal funding to schools. When Wallace told him, as I'm sure he already knows, that the funding he will hold back many helps disabled and poor kids, he redused to blink .... he does not give a poop about disabled or poor children.

- Trump was asked about a mandatory mask order, given that science experts and new studies show that if we all wore masks, the virus would be much more limited. Again, he contested the facts - because, hey, isn't he our premier medical expert? - and continued to refuse to institute such an order.

- Trump lies about Biden supporting defunding the police. Wallace corrects him, but he continues to stick with his lie. Later Wallace got the charter and showed Trump that Biden does not mention defunding the police. I bet Trump will continue to lie about this, though.

There was more - watch the video above or, if you have a stronger stomach than me, the whole interview.

What seems obvious, and it is news to no one, is that Trump is both willfully ignorant of important facts and also too mentally dim to understand the few facts that he is exposed to (or he knows stuff, understands stuff, but is lying to us all because he sees this as a strategy to get re-elected).

This guy is getting us killed.