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Tuesday, February 27, 2024


As a Democrat, I find this 'abondon Biden' strategy just stupid and ultimately counterproductive.

Actually, the Biden administration has put a lot of effort into helping the civilians in Gaza, both before and during the war. These voters seem oblivious to the fact that it was Hamas terrorists who started the war with their attack on Israel, that American citizens were among those they murdered, and that American hostages are still being held prisoner in Gaza.

Refusing to vote for Biden will only make it more likely that Trump will win, and then we will see what an anti-Arab anti-Muslim president is really like.


Blogger Katherine Nielsen said...

The "Democrats who want to punish Biden for Gaza" movement seems like "cut your nose to spite your face" logic. However, I see that Biden did win in Michigan decisively. The uncommitted category was something like 13%. Which isn't nothing, but it didn't change the result.
I looked at the Huffington site this morning. The headline was that Trump won. Of course he won the Republican primary, that wasn't in question. Guess they didn't think it wouldn't get enough clicks to say that Biden won the Dem primary.

6:01 AM  
Blogger crystal said...

I saw on the news that past Michigan primaries have people voting uncommitted ...

... 19,106 people voted "uncommitted" in 2020, while 21,601 did so in 2016. In both years, there were competitive primary elections, and "uncommitted" accounted for a small sliver, between 1% and 2% of the vote. 2012: As President Barack Obama sought reelection, 20,833 voters chose "uncommitted," accounting for 10.7% of the vote ...

9:57 AM  

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