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Wednesday, August 15, 2007


A post at Zone on the war in Iraq - What Will It Take? - made me think of mentioning a couple of things I recently came upon on the web ...

One is the review at Roger Ebert's website of the documentary movie No End In Sight. The blurb for the review states ... The documentary “No End in Sight” examines why President Bush and his advisers insist on staying the course in Iraq. Subjects interviewed in the film believe the administration’s strategy was flawed from the start. Ebert's review is worth a read.

The other thing was an ad I saw mentioned by peace activist John Dear SJ in a posting - Generosity, not domination is the way forward - in his NCR column. The ad, taken out some months ago in the New York Times, is titled "An Ethical Way To End The War In Iraq". You can read the details at the link, but here below are the steps mentioned ....

I. The War is Wrong: Repentance Is Necessary
II. Replace U.S. and British Forces in Iraq with an International Peace Force Acceptable to the Iraqi People
III. Rebuild Iraq. Launch a Global Marshall Plan.

It then has a list of names of people who've signed the ad as agreeing with it, and it ends with this at the bottom ... When Jesus said “Love your enemies” we think he probably meant: Don’t kill them.


Blogger cowboyangel said...

Thanks, Crystal, for the plug. Even though nobody seems to have read, or at least commented on, your post. My luck.

I'd like to see No End in Sight, despite having read and gotten so furious and absolutely flabbergasted by such books as Fiasco, Assassin's Gate, and the highly, highly recommended Imperial Life in the Emerald City. I liked what Ebert had to say about the film.

Hey, did you see that ad on the side of the review for Ebert's new book, Your Movie Sucks, with such an uncharacteristically stern-looking Ebert on the cover? I gotta read that. One of my few criticisms of Ebert is that I think he can be too easy too often on some of the movies he reviews. Like to see him a bit snarly.

I'm going to look into John Dear and what he's doing. Thanks so much for that lead.


3:40 PM  
Blogger crystal said...

Hi Will,

Ebert's pretty good - he won a pulitzer prize for reviewing. Yes, I saw that ad - he looked fierce :-). I He's been very ill for a long time but I'm happy to say I think he's finally getting better ... I like him a lot.

7:27 PM  

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