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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Junia, a woman apostle

- Andronicus, Athanasius of Christianopoulos and Saint Junia

Mark Goodacre's latest NT Pod post is NT Pod 12: Junia: the First Woman Apostle?. Here's a bit from Wikipedia on Junia.....

Junia or Junias (accusative case: ΙΟΥΝΙΑΝ) is mentioned in the Epistle to the Romans 16:7 as "of note among the apostles" (KJV, RSV). Some Christians and most Christian theologians take the name to be that of a woman, and some see it as proof that Saint Paul encouraged female leaders in the Church. In this interpretation, Junia would be the only recorded female apostle. Andronicus, also mentioned in Romans 16:7, might be her husband ...

For those interested in the question of whether Junia was indeed a woman and an apostle, I recommend listening to Mark's podcast - he goes into the issues of the Greek translation of the name Junia and also of whether the text has Junia as an esteemed apostle or as esteemed by the apostles.

You can also read a 2007 news story on the subject - Becoming Junia - again.


Blogger Mark Goodacre said...

Many thanks, Crystal.

7:16 AM  
Blogger crystal said...

All thanks go to you, Mark :)

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