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Friday, October 30, 2009

Jesuit final vows

Fr. Martin SJ has a post at America magazine's blog today about taking his final vows ...... Final Vows? What's That?

Here's a bit of his post ....


If you’re at the Church of St. Ignatius Loyola in New York on Sunday, and able to dodge the marathoners, you’ll see something that few people ever see: a Jesuit final vow Mass. After 21 years as a Jesuit, I've been "invited," as we say in the Society of Jesus, to pronounce final vows .....

After "solemn" vows, the "fully professed" take five "simple" vows, privately--after Mass, in a side chapel or a sacristy. These vows show how well St. Ignatius understood human nature. First, we vow never to change anything in the Jesuit Constitutions about poverty--unless to make it "more strict." Second, a vow never to "strive or ambition" for any dignity in the church, like becoming a bishop. Third, never to "strive or ambition" for any high office in the Jesuits. Fourth, if we find out that someone is striving for these things, we are to "communicate his name" to the Society. (A friend calls this the vow to rat out someone, but it's another indication of how much Ignatius wanted to eliminate ambition, as far as possible, from the Jesuits.) Finally, we take a vow that, if we are somehow made bishop, we will still listen to the superior general. And, by the way, you’ll notice that the famous “fourth vow” to the pope is regarding “the missions,” reflecting Ignatius’s understanding that the pope had a better view of where in the world the Jesuits were needed. As John W. O’Malley, S.J., has written the fourth vow, often misunderstood in Catholic circles, is about worldwide mobility .......


Congratulations and best wishes to Fr. Martin :)


Blogger Rashed said...

Very interesting. Maybe politicians should be held up to standards like these when it comes to ambition. Just a thought.

5:10 PM  
Blogger crystal said...

I like that idea :)

5:46 PM  
Blogger freefun0616 said...

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