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Friday, November 06, 2009

Dream for Kermit

Coming up on the 17th is the one year anniversary of the death of my cat friend of 18 years, Kermit. I planned to post a video of a song by Andrea Bocelli called Dream which I sang to her a lot just a couple of weeks before she died - she seemed to like it. But I've been really dreading the posting and listening of the song because I know it will make me sad, so since I'm thinking about it every day anyway, I'm going to do it now. Below is a translation of the lyrics, the video below that. I miss you, Kermit :(


Go, I will wait for you
The flowers in the garden mark the time
Here I will draw the day of your return
You are so sure of my love
You take it away with you
Cupped in your hands
when you touch your face
As you still think of me
And if you need to, you can show the world
The world that doesn't know what life there is
in an uncaring absent heart
Doesn't know what life there is
In that only the heart can feel
Doesn't know.

Here I will wait for you
And steal kisses from time
Time is not enough to erase
The memories and the desire that
Remains closed in your hands
That you bring to your face.
You still think of me
It will follow you and passing me in the city
I'll still be here
Dreaming of things that I don't know about you.
Where is the road that You will take on your return
I dream

Here I will wait for you
And steal kisses from time
I dream
A noise, the wind awakens me
And you're already here.