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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Blood and Ice

Latest book from the library is Blood and Ice by Robert Masello. Here's the blurb from Publishers Weekly ....

In the prologue to this exceptional supernatural thriller from Masello (Bestiary), two lovers—Lt. Sinclair Copley of the 17th Lancers and Eleanor Ames, a nurse from Florence Nightingale's Harley Street hospital in London—fall into ice-strewn seas from a British sloop foundering near Antarctica in 1856. In the present, Seattle writer Michael Wilde, who's recovering from a personal tragedy, can't resist the opportunity to go to Antarctica to write a magazine article about the Point Adélie research station. Past and present stories alternate until Michael makes an amazing discovery in a submerged block of ice off the Antarctic coast—two frozen bodies, bound in chains. After Sinclair and Eleanor revive, Masello slowly and subtly reveals how they came to transcend death. The thrills and, most decidedly, the chills mount to a believable, sad and hopeful ending.

I'm just getting into the book, but so far it's good. I have the audio CD version and the reader is someone I like - Phil Gigante, who read some of Daniel Silva's Gabriel Allon novels. The undead and Antarctica ... who could ask for more? :)

Here's a short video of the book ....

Blood and Ice Trailer from Bantam Dell on Vimeo.


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