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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The glamour of evil/problem of evil

This coming week in the Creighton online retreat is about Jesus' temptation in the desert, and as I watched the video below, I had the thought that in a way his temptation was a problem of evil kind of thing. Satan tempts Jesus to use his special relationship with God to rid the earth of evils, making it a paradise. Jesus says 'no'. Maybe if I can understand why he did so, I can understand the problem of evil somewhat too.

Anyway, for those interested, here below is a video clip from the movie Jesus - it begins with Jesus being baptised and then heading into the desert. After some time, a dirty and sunburned Jesus is approached by a spirit in the guise of a woman, and then, once he accepts the offer of testing, a strangely modern looking Satan appears who shows him starving children and takes him from the roof of the temple into orbit around the planet, all with the goal of sucessfully tempting him. When it's over, he doesn't concede defeat but he tells Jesus he'll see him again ....


Blogger victor said...

Now who doesn't want power, power and more power but why not just accept what Jesus wants for U>S during Eternity?

I could go on and on, on fire, says sinner vic but when you're just a poor man and you've got a Super Rich Star in your family and He wants to share everything He owns out of True Love with His Family, what more could any Soul really need?

It is really something to see the movies that can be created on the stage of life by people nowadays.

Just like I am who I am and you are who you are and there's no way that The Evil Trinity can look into any of our Jesus Cells of our trusting hearts if we've truly given "IT" to Our Heavenly Family out of "A Loving Free Will".

Dare I close by saying, As "IT" was in the beginning is now and "IT" will always be for Eternity "ONE" Loving Eternally Blessed Family, Mother, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. I believe.

God Bless,

6:58 PM  
Blogger crystal said...

Hi Victor. Thanks for the comment :)

9:12 PM  

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