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Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Big Silence

- St. Beuno's

For those who've ever wondered what a retreat at St. Beuno's Ignatian spirituality center would be like, I've noticed today that the BBC tv program, The Big Silence, has been put on YouTube. It's sort of like the past series, The Monastery (which I posted about here), but though Abbott Christopher Jamison OSB also facilitates the introduction of five individuals into the retreat, in this series only the very beginning is spent at Worth Abbey.

I'm not sure if I'll end up watching it myself - I guess I was a little disappointed to see that Abbott Jamison was part of the fairly conservative Catholic Voices project when the pope visited the UK. But I did like The Monastery very much, and I've never seen the inside of a Jesuit retreat center, so, ok, I'm going to have to watch :) Here's the introductory episode below. You can watch all 12 episodes here ...


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