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Monday, December 20, 2010

Jane Williams and The Lost World

- Lord Roxton

I saw a couple of interesting posts today at The Guardian's CIF Belief by theologian Jane Williams (wife of Rowan) - The Book of Genesis, part 1: God created and The Book of Genesis, part 2: In the beginning.

Reading her posts, I was reminded of one of my favorite movies which I'd just re-watched - The Lost World :). It's a 2001 BBC made-for-tv movie starring Bob Hoskins, Peter Falk, James Fox, Matthew Rhys, Tom Ward, and Elaine Cassidy. The story (set at the turn of the century) tells of Professor Challenger (Hoskins) who gives a lecture on prehistoric creatures at the London Museum of Natural History and then announces an expedition to the Amazon in search of a "lost world" habitat. Fellow Professor Leo Summerlee (Fox), newspaper columnist Edward Malone (Rhys), and the dashing Lord John Roxton (Ward) agree to accompany him.

Once in the Amazon they stop at a mission for supplies, have a disagreement about the theory of evolution with the resident minister, the Reverend Theo Kerr (Falk), and add his niece Agnes (Cassidy) to the expedition as a translator. Eventually they find a plateau with an isolated ecosystem containing not only dinosaurs but an evolutionary missing link between humans and so-called "lower" animals ..... the dramatic crisis of the story has much to do with the conflict between creationism and evolution.

- Agnes and Edward looking at a dinosaur looking at them

Here's a clip from the movie, which shows the group in the Amazon having just discovered a lake (which Edward names after his fiancé Gladys), and then Edward and Agnes being noticed and chased by a dinosaur [no actual dinosaurs were harmed in the making of this film :)] ....


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