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Wednesday, January 26, 2011


- Data

There's a post by Kelvin Holdsworth, the Provost at St. Mary's Cathedral in Glasgow, that struck me tonight. At the top of the post was a photo of Kelvin's cat Tilly who had just passed away. She looked almost exactly like my cat Data, who died a few years ago in January and of whom I dreamed last night.


Here's part of what Kelvin wrote ....

I’ve known many people ask whether their animals have souls or go to heaven, even people who are uncertain of their own attitude to their own mortality and what lies beyond. For those who have loved and bonded with an animal its hard to imagine that heaven could be heaven without them. Several of those who knew Tilly have volunteered the opinion this week that she’s likely to be sitting impatiently by the gate of heaven waiting. If she is, St Peter should mind his ankles.

The last couple of weeks have been a horrible start to the new year. However, my deep sadness at losing Tilly has to be matched by a sense of thankfulness for the life she lived and the companionship that we shared. She was never happier than playing with wool and I choose to remember her wearing a strand as an Easter bonnet as pictured above.

Actually, the truth is, she was only really engaged in playing with wool if I was at the other end of it.

For that, and for countless other reasons, she is very much missed and the tears have been many.

Miss you, Data.


Anonymous Victor said...

This post brought to mind the time that my oldest sister told me in so many words that her two cats had a soul and I politely told her that animals did not have a soul cause I guess I'm stuck in the old belief that God created us in His Own image and though there has been a lot of set back in humanity and if cats now have souls well, it's because they are keeping human souls safe for us from the evil ones.

My oldest sister has so much respect for me that she never argues with me but as far as I'm concern God's Love is so great that even if animals only have an original spirit, "IT" does not really matter cause God's Love is Endless and The Holy Spirit also loves all His Animals so what's the problem?

Does that make any sense? :)

God Bless Peace

8:55 PM  
Blogger crystal said...

Hi Victor,

I think I understand. I do believe animals have souls, though.

12:37 AM  
Anonymous Victor said...

Thank you for being so kind in your answer crystal and I don't know if what I'm about to eventually tell you will sway you in any way but last night, my wife and I went to see the movie "The Rite" staring Anthony Hopkins and as you probably know he also has bad side movie(s) if you know what I mean? To make a long story short, I never walked out of this movie like I thought I might but because my wife was holding my hand so tight and don't tell anyone but I did do a LOT of praying when she squeezed too hard. Go Figure!:)

Anyway, what I really wanted to tell you is that I met someone else in the past who agrees that cats have souls and "IT" is a true story and if you've heard "IT" before please forgive me but "IT" is concerning "Tiger" so "IT" might still be of interest to you and/or some of your readers.:) As I was about to say, my wife and I use to rent rooms to college students for a time and they were all very nice and kind in their own way and to make a long story short, we rented to a student who had a cat which we had never done before but we now had "Tiger" and the tenants mom seem nice so why not allow "IT" to be. To make another long story short, they loved "Tiger" and "Tiger" loved them so I found "IT" normal that "Tiger" would be sneeking into their room and on occasions, he would spend the night in there so I politely asked him to keep his door close so "Tiger" would not sneek in at night.

There's a lot to tell but to try and stick to the topic. I later could not hold "Tiger" in my arms for a minute no matter how gentil I was with him so after about countless scratches I came to the conclusion that something was wrong and I was determine to win back his love.

To make another very long story short and after finding that this student had used my computer without my permission, I decided to have a good friendly talk with him and maybe try and help him out if I could and I was prepared to forgive him and start over again. Anyway, he had not been feeling well and missed school one day so after diner he came down with his cat and so we talked for more than an hour. "IT" was very interesting indeed cause he told me in so many words that he was a follower of Satan and yes we spend some time on the fact that as far as he was concerned, animals had a soul and with wide friendly eyes locked on his eyes we politely debated in so may words stuff like, "IT" was Adam and Eve in paradise who had the soul because they were made in the image of God and the animals had a spirit and Adam and Eve loved their spirit. After a few hours of friendly talk, I got a satisfactory smile out of him which seem to say to me. Hey Victor, I think he's coming around to your way of thinking but another taught told me to look at my watch and when I did, I noticed that I was about ten minutes late for work.

In closing, I must say and God who sees and knows everything is my witness that I really tried hard and the sad part is that about a few weeks later when I could do no more for him without loosing my own sanity! Don't say "IT" :) Believe it or not, it did hurt that I had to tell his parents in writing about what happened and I even send a copy to our then Prime Minister, The Right Honourable Paul Martin.

I can still vision the sad quiet angry look of his father towards me as I helped him move some of his son's furnature out of our home.

I'll close by saying that God willing, we might still get a chance to maybe agree to disagree about "IT" with sinner vic on the milky way if you know what I mean? :)

God Bless Peace

7:55 AM  
Blogger crystal said...

That sounds a little scary.

I just like to hope that everything survives death, that God sves everything - plants, animals, us. But who knows.

3:21 PM  
Anonymous Victor said...

I think your soul has already got "IT" and I'll keep praying that no animal spirit steal "IT" from you so please keep praying for my soul that he finds a little humility and not humidity cause on occasions he really thinks he's "IT" but between you and me in our beginning "IT" was cursed to a snake in the grass by "Our Heavenly Father" when "IT" convinced Adam and Eve to fall in love with "IT" which any body soul nowadays could have done cause Adam and Eve were originally made of pure love, "ONE" hundred % pure love but what do I really know? Go Figure! :)

I hear ya! The Indians of the pass believed that The Spirit of the animals are pretty powerful and if spirits are really only in charge of taking care of our souls, I hope that my loving cats are incharge of mine if "IT" is ok with you sinner vic?

Really? :)

God Bless Peace

6:55 AM  

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