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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Last night I dreamt of shoes

Which is strange, because I don't remember ever dreaming about shoes before. I was shoe-shopping with my sister, trying to decided between two kinds of rather drab shoe, but oddly I was wearing really beautiful green shoes at the time .....


Anonymous Henry said...

I love dreams and can certainly understand why the Surrealists were fascinated by them. Just curious - have you ever owned green shoes? BTW, how is your drawing going - I haven't seen you post anything about it even though I recall that it was coming along great!

P.S. I saw the "guitars" exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art the other day and I thought it was beautiful and something you might enjoy. If I am right, take a look at the pictures, etc., about it on the Metropolitan Museum of Art website.

One last thing, since I know you love movies as much as I do - definitely see "The Kings Speech" - it was an amazing film IMHO.

2:43 PM  
Anonymous Victor said...

Dear Crystal,

After reading about your dream and a little part of another post before that, "IT" sent me off and I wrote a quick post titled Anxiety v.s. sinner vic and I honestly had not even planned "IT" and I just let "IT" flow and asked The Holy Spirit to be kind to "IT".

I really didn't mean any harm for using some of your cliche comments from your blog but I probably still owe you and apology cause if you ever read my blog, you've probably noticed that I've done "IT" on a few other occasions but believe "IT" or not, I don't mean any harm and God knows that cause I'm sure that He's looked into my heart.

I'll close by thanking you for your understanding and as usual for your forgiveness cause we Catholic try to be pretty good at "IT" but speaking for me, myself and I, I think that we need a lot more practice if you know what I mean? :)

God Bless Peace

8:48 PM  
Blogger crystal said...

hey you guys, i'm not feeling very well - i'll write back tomorrow if i feel better. thanks for the commrnts.

10:48 PM  
Anonymous Victor said...

For what "IT" is worth, I'll say a little prayer so you can start to feel a lot better crystal.

Give "IT" UP Victor, why don't you just tell her a joke instead of your so called Catholic prayers!

But sinner vic, I can't think of a good joke that might make her feel better.

Then just tell her a story about her red shoes and how she can make her dream come true.

You better tell "IT" sinner vic cause you're much better at "IT" than me. OK?

Alright you scaredy "Cat" I'll do "IT" again for you. Once UP on a time there was a little girl name Dorthy who.........
OH! Never mind Victor, just tell her soul and spirit to go to your hotel of fools cause the drinks, I mean spirits are flowing freely tonight and her red shoes will tell her all about "IT" but instead of the story, I'll tell her a joke about little Johnny and Sussy.

Stop "IT" right there sinner vic, I've heard too many stories about little Johnny and between you and me, he's a lot older than he claims but if you think that "IT" will make Crystal feel better and "IT" is a good one than go for "IT" buddy.

To make a long story short, Johnny's mom had a baby and while Johnny, Sussy and mommy were watching the baby, Johnny ask his mother where babies came from and she replies in so many words that they came from heaven. Sue looks up and says, NOW I know why they threw him out of heaven, he looks just like R and R. Victor.

Hope you feel better real soon.:)

God Bless Peace

7:47 AM  
Anonymous Henry said...

I am so sorry to hear that you are not feeling well Crystal!!! Please rest and be assured that I'll remember you in my prayers.

2:56 PM  
Blogger crystal said...

Thanks, you guys :)

6:26 PM  

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