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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Retreat week 28

This week of Creighton University's online Spiritual Exercises retreat, week 28, has a lot going on: it begins with Jesus and the disciples leaving the Last Supper and going to the Garden where Jesus prays and is arrested, the trials, and the walk to the crucifixion. I thought I'd just post a bit every couple of days instead of doing it all at once ... first, the Garden.

We're asked to put ourselves in the scene with the disciples and Jesus. This year I'm going to allow myself to imagine what things would have been like if the atonement theory of Jesus' death was shelved for an incarnation theory instead (Ken Overberg SJ). In such a case, Jesus probably wouldn't feel that God wanted him to die, though of course he may still have believed death was his only ethical option.

The movie Jesus has an interesting scene of Jesus in the garden. Like The Passion of the Christ, it has the devil appear to tempt Jesus to ask God to intervene and save him from death. The devil takes Jesus on a time-travel trip to the future to show him that despite his crucifixion, people keep on making the same bad choices, some of them even in his name (like fighting the crusades and burning people at the stake). The devil tells him that his death will have been in vain. I liked Jesus' replay ..... "Not in vain ... those who want to will find in me the strength to love until the end." The video clip below begins with Jesus and the disciples in the garden at night, and with Judas telling the temple guards where to find Jesus .....


Anonymous Victor said...

Hey crystal, because I like you, I AM going to tell you to be careful for what you might wish for and I'll try to explain "IT" but please bear with me cause like I said, for many reasons I like you. Victor's so called 5% spiritual cells won't accept that I AM his God and they no longer want me to talk to you for their own so called protection!

Without getting into spiritual micro buy hollow gee....scary how NOW I AM starting to sound so much like him. Anyway what I meant to say was 'microbiology' so in other words some of these organism spiritual cells have been convinced, I think, by Victor's so called "Hotel of Fools" to go along with him and the majority of the other 65% human body cells are just too scared and/or too cow word, I mean coward to hold their ground and so to make a long story short, I'll give you the 'cue' when I must stop in order to not set him UP, I mean off, Sheees.....

I've been taking some of Victor's 5% cells which total about 150 trillion all over the place in our time machine so you see, I've been pretty busy but no thanks do I guess from Victor. Between you and me crystal, there's times when I'm almost prepared to give "IT" Al, I mean all UP but before I do, I'm going to take most of his temple, I mean, body's brain cells to different dimentions and you know what that spell will mean in Reality, Yes die men....I mean "Dementia" so again I want to thank you for your prayers just in case this so call Jesus of his does really exist.

I would have written yesterday, but if you have not heard yet, they're a Canadian Federal Election taking place. I tried to make a joke of "IT" by telling most of Victor's 5% cells that I would take them there but before I could finish saying Cana....they jumped the gun while sitting on the throne and to make another long story short, Victor's spiritual gut cells quietly yelled out, Can't you guys smell the aroma? Believe "IT" or not some then replied, Are we going to Rome Ma? Let's just say that I was caught with my pants down and was accused of creating a draft letter which Victor wrote before Lent titled something like, A dog, is a dog, is a dog, is a dog VS The Easter Bunny.

Go Figure, Enough is enough, so I told them that Victor conscience would be taking them instead if he could.

NOW, here's the interesting part, Victor's conscience took most of them for a ride and this is what I saw Yesterday in Victor's vision.

Some of his cells were walking a parallel line and on the other side was seen a lot of green and then out of the green, countless snakes appeared and seem to be heading toward Victor's cells and they, I mean, he was convinced that "IT" was his time so he closed his eyes and said, my god, my god, why have you deserted me and then started praying which included the Our Father, three Hail Mary and a Glory be to The Father and then opened his eyes because he was still breathing.

What he now saw was a glass wall and on the other side of the wall was a Bronze Statue of a Snake and you could hear Victor's cells saying, we want to see Jesus in the garden and please make "IT" in 3 D and before they had finished speaking, the glass wall started to turn red and all noticed that it was some kind of liquid and the glass started to look like a magnifying glass and long story short, we could not make out who Jesus really was and what He even looked like cause "the director run Howard" had Him all covered in this red liquid and here comes Victor and that's my sibliminal cue to you if you know what I mean crystal?

Hey! What are you doing here sinner vic?

Just chatting with crystal Victor!

Hi Crystal!

Hi Victor!:)

1:18 PM  

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