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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Still hating atonement theory

It's Holy Thursday and I'm facing another conflicted countdown to the resurrection. This week of the retreat, Week 29: Jesus Dies for Us, isn't helping.

BTW, there are a couple of interesting podcasts by Mark Goodacre at his NT Pod that touch on Holy Week: NT Pod 53: Are the Passion Narratives "Prophecy Historicized"? ... and .... NT Pod 54: The horror of crucifixion


Blogger Jeff said...

The Creighton page closes with:

Let us all give thanks each evening for the one who shows us the deepest meaning of the Good News — we are free from the power of sin and death over us. By entering our life and death completely, Jesus fell into the hands of a loving God, who raised him and us to life, redeeming all sin and death forever.

That's a lot more gentle an approach then most accounts.

Check out John MacArthur this morning:

1:47 PM  
Blogger crystal said...

OK, now I'm really depressed ;)

Do you remember that original Star Trek episode where the Enterprise crew landed on a planet where the inhabitants worshipped a Moloch-like serpenty looking god named Val? Whenever something went wrong the inhabitants would cringe and say, "Val is hungry!"

I thought "to glorify" meant "to reveal" .... that Jesus glorifying God meant that he was showing us what God was really like - a loving parent instead of Val.

2:12 PM  

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