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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Of Gods and Men

Ben Witherington has a post about the movie on the lives and deaths of the Cistercians monks of Tibhirine, kidnapped and killed during the Algerian Civil War (this reminded me of a book by Timothy Radcliffe and others, A Life Poured Out: Pierre Claverie of Algeria, about the bishop of Oran, also killed). Here's just the beginning of Ben's post ...

‘Of Gods and Men’—- A Movie for the Post-bin Laden Era

If you have not had a chance to see “Of Gods and Men,” the winner of all sorts of film prizes, including the Grand Prix at Cannes, you should drop everything and watch it, and all the more so when Osama bin Laden has just been murdered. Yes, I said murdered. When an unarmed civilian, criminal or not, is killed rather than captured, that would be murder. Yes I realize he is responsible for many many murders. Yes I realize that there is some justice in what happened to him. But before you decide how a Christian should feel about all that, I urge you to see this movie, a movie about French monks who decided to stay in the face of the Mujahadeen uprising and continue to serve the people of their village .......


Blogger Dina said...

Shalom Crystal. Thanks for these links and thoughts.
It is indeed a great movie that everyone should see and feel.
Here in Jerusalem we had one premiere showing in December. Some 3/4 of the audience were monks and nuns, and that made it even more special.

2:06 AM  
Blogger crystal said...

Shalom Dina, Thanks for the recommendation. I can imagine the movie was especially meaningful, given the tensions where you guys live.

1:04 PM  
Blogger Dina said...

Yes. That night after the movie I went out on the terrace of the Cinematheque that overlooks the Kidron Valley and the walls of the Old City and I prayed "God, let nothing like this ever be able to happen in this city, in my country!"

10:39 PM  

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