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Sunday, August 28, 2011

22nd Sunday in Ordinary Time

Here's just the beginning of a homily by Rob Marsh SJ on today's readings. Read the whole homily here at All Things Seen and Unseen ....


Sunday Week 22 Year A
- Rob Marsh SJ

Well as they, “Denial isn’t just a big river in Egypt.”
There are two Peters offered us throughout the gospel: there’s the rock of stability, the pillar of faith, who sees the truth about Jesus and speaks it boldly … and then there’s the stumbling block, the well-meaning, shortsighted buffoon who, again and again, stands in Jesus’ way. And the two Peters are one guy … and there’s something for us all to learn from that. We belong to a church proud to identify with Peter the rock. We are so ready to embrace the solidity of Peter’s office but that very firmness of foundation makes it so easy to become Satan, Accuser of the faithful, an obstacle to the brave and foolish Jesus who walks a way to Jerusalem which only idiots can travel. The rock become the stumbling block. Much easier to remember the confidence Jesus placed in Peter and forget the repeated denials. But Peter was one man, not two. And we are one church. And Peter kept on changing. God always managed to get underneath his most stubborn denial and set his feet back on the path ......



Anonymous Victor said...

The way I see "IT" NOWADAYS, I guess that in each male, we can find two Peters, the big strong spiritual Peter that admitted he was wrong and eventually started to do God's Will. Then, we can find in reality, the little peter who we on occasions might hear the weather man and/or woman use his name in a forcast saying that "IT" might peter out and then again, some have been heard saying that little peter often has brain cells that he uses when "IT" comes to respecting woman.

To summer rize these two nowadays, all in all, I find that some think with their peter and then there are some who think that Peter knew what He was talking about when He finally saw the light.

Whether we chose to worship and/or marry little peter and/or accept the now teaching of The bigger Peter is totally our own decision but as for me I'm going to try and follow what I believe Jesus would want Adam and Eve to accept. Go Figure?

I hear ya! There really is more than "ONE" side of Peter's, I guess? :)


7:48 PM  
Blogger crystal said...

Hi Victor :)

9:04 PM  
Anonymous Victor said...

Hey crystal, I'm moving UP in the world and because you've always been so kind to to me, I'm going to tell you why.

You see one of our grandson is going to high school in our city and we're lucky enough to get to put him UP for the coming year and he says that he's going to help me write a book and he's already got a few titles in mind for this Book.

I hear ya! So that's why you're going to close down your blog Victor so you can spend more time on this book! Right?

He says that his favorite title is "How to go insane" and being a normal sane person, at first, I thought that he was trying to maybe make fun of me a little but he said that he already had the first 26 pages written and only the brightest of the smartest could read "IT" because you see these pages are blank. He said that "IT" is kind of like the story of The King and his invisible clothing.

Go Figure kids nowadays are so smart!


9:55 AM  
Blogger crystal said...


Thanks for the song :)

It sounds like you're really looking forward to having your grandson stay with you. When I was a kid my sister and I lived with our grandparents much of the time and we liked it very much.

12:58 AM  

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