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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Some links

- JD Crossan at the Huffington Post - The Search for the Historical Paul: What Paul Thought About Women.

- A couple of posts on the UK riots from Vaughan Bell ... Riot psychology and When explaining becomes a sin.

- Interesting past article in The Thomist - The semiosis of Angels.

- Rowan Williams on homosexuality, from the introduction to a Jubilee Group pamphlet published in 1988.

- A post at US Catholic on WYD and Vatican II - The spirit of Vatican II still speaks to the youth of today. I have to admit that I'm a little disturbed by WYD. It's not just that that I sympathize with the priests protesting the expense, but I feel uncomfortable about the carrots offered for participating: plenary indulgences (time off purgatory) and the de-excommunicating of those having had an abortion (why is abortion an excommunicable offense, but not murder?).

- Btian Greene on the multiverse (you can also read what Keith Ward wrote of the multiverse in my past post here) ...


Blogger Deacon Denny said...

Thanks, Crystal, for a nice collection of links. I only followed half, and loved them all.

The Crossen article was fascinating -- I'm going to have to learn a bit more about where he's coming from.

I loved the throught about those who find "explaining" to be a sinful activity. Not sure where that leads from here, but it makes a point.

As for helping the sacrament of reconciliation to be much more meaningful, I certanly support that effort, especially with our young. And I would also agree that abortion is extremely important. But we can't stop there! How can we see the sacrament as a way to promote a healthy sexuality -- not only for our single youth, but for those who are married or about to marry? What does it mean, as we fully move into adulthood, to live an authentic life of service?
And just thinking of our own youth in America... how does our Western life style call to us as Catholic Christians, and how should we live in the face of this life style?

And last but not least, THANKS! -- for the short piece by Brian Greene. He's great. I have a delightful little DVD featuring Brian that was produced through Astronomy's Infinite Cosmos DVD series -- it's on 11 dimensions, string theory, and the multiverse. If you'd like to look at it, let me know -- you know my email address.

11:18 PM  
Blogger crystal said...

Hi Denny,

I like Crossan very much. If you're interested, there's a list of some of his past posts on different issues at On Faith here.

I agree that there's a lot of potential for reconcilliation to help people. I do think it's good for those who want reconcilliation to have a chance to participate in it. I wonder if all people who have been excommunicated have the same opportunity? I don't think the way blame is atributed for offenses is fair - stuff that seems very morally wrong, like murder, doesn't rate excommunication, but participating in a woman's ordination does. I guess I want excommunication to be ablout morality but it seems instead to be about agreeing with church policy.

Thanks for the offer of the video. I'll look at the library and see if they have it - or Netflix maybe :) I really have to try to read his book on the multiverse again - I gave up too easily. He is really good at explaining things.

1:25 AM  

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