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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Edward Feser on the multiverse

A while ago I had a post about the multiverse ... Keith Ward and Brian Greene ... and I saw today that Edward Fesser has a post about Greene and the multiverse too ... Greene on Nozick on nothing. It's interesting reading for those like me who wonder about how God and the idea of the best of all possible worlds can be integrated with the idea of an infinite number of universes. Here's a bit from Feser's post ...

On the Ultimate Multiverse theory, all possible universes exist, including a universe consisting of nothing. To the questions “Why does this universe exist rather than some other?” and “Why does any universe at all exist rather than nothing?”, the Ultimate Multiverse theory responds: “There is no ‘rather than’ about it. This universe and every other possible universe all exist; indeed, this universe and a universe consisting of nothing both exist. So there is no special explanation of our universe required, because it isn’t in the first place only one of many possibilities to have been actualized.” (It should be added that neither Nozick nor Greene actually endorses this theory; they merely float it as a possibility. David Lewis famously did defend a similar view, though.) ...

And for those interested, here again is an interview with Brian Greene about the multiverse ...


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