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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Someone impersonating me - updates

Someone has been posting comments at other Catholic blogs using my name and linking that name to this blog so that it seems as if I'm the one commenting. I noticed this at a post at The Deacon's Bench - a comment by "Crystal" which linked to this blog, but which was not posted by me ... USCCB statement: “A first step in the right direction” — UPDATED. I wrote to the Patheos website that hosts The Deacon's Bench and Dan Welch removed the comment (all that's left in that com box now are my own comments about the impersonation). I don't know the extent of the faux commenting, what the comments may contain, or why someone would be doing this, but be aware, if you have come to this blog by following the link from a "Crystal" comment at another blog, the comment in question may not have been made by me.