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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Spiritual bodies

- Christ's appearance behind locked doors by Duccio di Buoninsegna

The gospel reading for tomorrow has the post-resurrection Jesus visiting the disciples (Jn 20:19-31). I really like the after-Easter appearances of Jesus, partly because he comes back to comfort his friends, and partly because his "self" was so mysterious .... no one seemed to recognize him at first, he could appear and disappear at will, could pass through solid objects, he ate food, and he had unhealed wounds that didn't bleed. Was this "spiritual" body he had while making the appearances the same body he had after he ascended? What kind of bodies, if any, will we have after death?

For those interested, I saw an article today that discusses some of this stuff .... Transformations of the Flesh: Approaching the Spiritual Body through an Engagement with Sarah Coakley by Elizabeth Antus.


Anonymous Victor said...

Hey Crystal! A person would almost need to be crazy to believe a LOT of this stuff.

For example, Jesus appeared to some of His followers in a locked room and most of them really abandoned HIM when He could have use a little help.

Many Christians, if truth be known are just as bad as "Thomas" and did you know that "Thomas" had about 7 days to think of "IT" and on the eight day, Jesus shows Himself to "Thomas" and finally "Thomas" believes or should "I" say that some of HIS CELLS believed?

Anyway Crystal, you and me know that "IT" comes down to "Faith" and whether we work at "IT" to believe or not? The Woman that "Jesus married tells U>S (usual sinners) that "Jesus The Christ" will come back a "Second Time" for a "Last Time" so between you and me, "IT" must be that at least "ONE" of "Jesus' Cells" are still alive in each human who has been "Baptized" and...

I hear ya! Hey! "I" think you better stop NOW sinner vid cause "IT" is starting to sounds like Victor! :(

You will keep praying for me? :)

Peace be with ya!

10:14 AM  

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