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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Happy mother's day

For those interested in animals, you might like to visit this National Geographic photo gallery of mom and baby animals. My favorites: the pigs and the pandas :).


Anonymous Victor said...

I recall a moment in my good old mother who was about eighty-seven and no longer able to attend church by herself on Sunday so I use to watch Mass with her and at the right time, I use to give her The Body of Christ in the form of a cookie, I mean HOST. Anyway long story short, the comedian in me told her that same-sex was now legal in Canada. I still can't forget the moment, she looked me in the eyes and was literally laughing. I just continued looking her in the eyes with a little grin on my face and a shadow seem to come over her face and she said, You dad had no right to leave me here all alone and a few weeks later The Seven Born Child in our family told me that she had a dream that dad told her that he was coming to get our mother and long story short, Mom died a few weeks later.

Happy Mother's Day to all Mother and I would like to double that for The Mother of Jesus.

God Bless,


4:20 AM  

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