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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Why marriage equality is important ...

You can read more about the video below here from Andrew Sullivan ...


Anonymous Victor said...

God! Why can't you let your angels live as they so chose to live?

Crystal! I've seen the entire clip movie and "IT" is really sad and "I" still ask God why He can't put a stop to Satan and his so called followers cause two wrongs don't make a right!

Let me try to explain and the only way a sane person might understand is if they believe in Angels and their powers so please try and pretend that they do exist.

Long story short, some people in the pass were very good and they were so good in reality that they honestly believed that they were gods but Satan knew differently cause He was once a good Angel. Longer story short he made these so called good humans a bet and that was they could not love men and women equally without eventually thinking of having physical sex with them. We need not be a rocket scientist to know that because Satan and his followers are so jealous of God that some humans lost the bet and had to pay the bill at the gate sort of speak.

Longer story short, knowing this and while in church, I can't see any body but me, myself and i get the crazy feeling that some forces are going to stab me and being the crazy fool that my soul and spirit is, I simply say to myself in so many words, go for "IT" but if "I" were you, I would make sure first that GOD (Good Old Dad) really does not exist.

In closing "I" will say that it must be so very hard for good actors to truly convince his or her pride, I mean Bride that he will love him or her forever and even harder for the other great actor or actrist to believe "IT".

I hear ya folks! You're crazy Victor or is "IT" sinner vic? :)

Who's Laughing? :(


6:39 PM  

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