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Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Bishops' arguments analyzed

Gary Gutting, a professor of philosophy at Notre Dame, analyzes the US Bishops' arguments against the HHS mandate at the NYT's philosophy blog - Do the Bishops Have a Case Against Obama?

Here's just the last paragraph ....

We cannot, of course, be certain about the bishops’ motives in overdramatizing what should be a routine disagreement. But their often demagogic reaction suggests political rather than religious concerns. There is, first, the internal politics of the Church, where the bishops find themselves, especially on matters of sexuality, increasingly isolated from most Church members; they seem desperate to rally at least a fervid core of supporters around their fading authority. But the timing of their outbursts also suggests a grasp for secular political power. It’s hard to think that the bishops — especially given their concerns for social welfare — would more than mildly prefer a Romney administration to an Obama administration. But, hoping to emulate the success of Protestant evangelicals, they may well want to establish their own credentials as significant players in American politics. We can only pray that American Catholics will see through any such effort.


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