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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Yes, he had brothers!

The kind of prayer I practice is imaginative conversation and lately my conversations have been with the Jesus who's in The Gospel of John movie, probably because he seems so familiar - he was also Desmond in LOST :) Here's what Sacred Space, the Irish Jesuit prayer site, says of this kind of prayer ....

Conversing with Jesus

"Imagine you see Jesus sitting close to you. In doing this you are putting your imagination at the service of your faith. Jesus isn't here in the way you are imagining him, but he certainly is here, and your imagination helps to make you aware of this. Now, speak to Jesus .... if no one is around, speak out in a soft voice .... Listen to what Jesus says to you in reply, or what you imagine him to say .... That is the difference between thinking and praying. When we think, we generally talk to ourselves. When we pray, we talk to God."
- Anthony de Mello SJ, Sadhana pages 78-79

Saint Ignatius calls this conversation a 'colloquy', and says:

A colloquy is made, properly speaking, in the way one friend speaks to another, or a servant to one in authority - now begging a favour, now accusing oneself of some misdeed, now telling one's concerns and asking counsel about them. .... In the colloquies we ought to converse and beg according to the subject matter; that is, in accordance with whether I find myself tempted or consoled, desire to possess one virtue or another, or to dispose myself in one way or another, or to experience sorrow or joy over the matter I am contemplating. And finally I ought to ask for what I more earnestly desire in regard to some particular matters.
- The Spiritual Exercises nos 54, 199

Here's another clip from the movie. This part starts with Jesus miraculously feeding thousands, then walking on water, then he gives a crowd the 'bread of life' talk, and then he speaks in the synagogue, later many of his disciples leave hiim, and finally he goes back home and does a little carpentry while his brothers (gasp - yes, he had brothers! :) try to taunt him into going to Jerusalem ....


Anonymous Victor said...

Thank you for this movie clip, I really enjoyed "IT" Crystal and "I" guess me, myself and i could sum "IT" all UP by saying that all of U>S (usual sinners) need plenty of "Faith".

Victor! Victor! Victor!
Stop being so silly cause your so called "Jesus" does not exist and even if He did, you've only got about 7% so called "Jesus Cells" and we own 93@ of your body cells that are still living.

OK Victor! Let's play the devil's advocat for just a split second and say that your ancestors hate that so called man ah and they died and the "ONE" who tried to eat His Flesh and His Blood turned to vampires and/or what have ya cause the best they could do without "Jesus' Father" was to steal their own image. I ask you, have you ever heard of a vampire who still had his shadow in a mirror if ya know what "I" mean?

I also ask you Victor, how can any human believe such silly nest? It would be easier to believe that a man could fall in love with another man in reality and say, don't worry about "IT" cause "I" really don't love his physical reality peter and some of them would not understand why "The Church" that the Saints and Angels of Jesus through The Holy Spirit won't accept that bec.......

STOP "IT"! THAT WILL BE ENOUGH out of your weakest strongest cell of my eternal day sinner vic and "I" don't care how many alien cells support these cells cause right NOW, "IT" is all about "ME" "ME" and "ME"

butt then again could "IT" simply only be

bout little old me? :)


9:22 AM  
Blogger crystal said...

Hi Victor :)

7:15 PM  

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