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Thursday, September 06, 2012

"Don’t confuse me with the facts."

That line was made famous during the Watergate hearings, and it still seems to be the watchword (watchphrase?) of the Republican party. Here's the beginning of a piece in TIME about Clinton's speech at the DNC .....

The Clinton Speech
by Joe Klein

Bill Clinton talks about policy — about the substance of governing — better than any other politician I’ve ever heard. He keeps it simple and he keeps it accurate. He can make Medicare as dramatic as warfare. He did a major demolition job on the Republican Party’s economic policy on Wednesday night. He held it to the light of the facts. And it crumbled, as those of us who follow these things knew it would. After all, we’ve had 30 years of data: supply-side economics doesn’t work, tax cuts for the wealthy are more likely to encourage the purchase of dressage horses than the creation of new jobs.

He did Barack Obama a service on Wednesday, but he also did the country a service by making crystal clear the baloney slicing at the heart of the Republican argument. Where to begin? ..........


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