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Saturday, November 03, 2012

Before I Go to Sleep

UPDATE: Nov. 5 - I've now read far enough into the book to decide I don't want to keep reading it. I am curious how it ends, but I just can't stick with the main character: she doesn't seem authentic or likeable to me. You know the way something can leave an icky taste in your mouth - well, the story has begun leaving an icky taste in my head ;) so, on to another book.

My latest book is Before I Go to Sleep by SJ Watson, which is soon to be adapted to film by Ridley Scott. As a blurb at Wikipedia states ...

The novel is a psychological thriller about a woman suffering from amnesia. She wakes every day with no knowledge of who she is and the novel follows her as she tries to reconstruct her memories from a journal she has been keeping. She learns that she has been seeing a doctor who is helping her to recover her memory, that her name is Christine Lucas, that she is 47 years old and married and has a son. As her journal grows it casts doubts on the truth behind this knowledge and sets her on a terrifying journey of discovery.

What made me look for the book was a mention by Todd at Catholic Sensibility. The library just had one audio copy so it's taken me a while to finally capture the popular novel. I'm just beginning the book but I'm finding it interesting so far. It reminds me of a past movie, Christopher Nolan's Memento, about a man with anterograde amnesia.

You can read an excerpt from the start of the book here

And here's an interview with the author .....


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