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Monday, November 12, 2012

Some links

- "Jesus would have voted Democrat" from Intelligence Squared: the debate, including Giles Fraser, that I mentioned earlier ...

- an article by Oliver Sacks (Awakenings) on hallucinations - Oliver Sacks shares his hallucinations. I'd recently seen a video of him on a similar subject here. I've been having some "hallucinations" myself - people with diminishing vision sometimes see things that aren't there, as well as not seeing what *is* there, so I found it all pretty interesting.

- Brazil’s Truth Commission to investigate the role of the church during dictatorship

- from Oxford University's philosophy blog, Obama’s debt to Rawls?. I like John Rawls' idea of justices as fairness.

Oh, and I'm learning to read a Chinese menu in Mandarin at The Guardian :)


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