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Tuesday, January 08, 2013

The Dog Stars

My latest book from the library is The Dog Stars, a 2012 atypical post-apocalyptic science fiction novel by Peter Heller. I'm just a ways into it but so far it's good. Here's the beginning of a review at NPR ....

'Dog Stars' Dwells On The Upside Of Apocalypse

We're in the middle of a golden age (if that's the right term for it) of doomsday narratives. In the multiplex (Seeking a Friend for the End of the World) and the art house (Melancholia), on television (The Walking Dead) and in fiction (The Road, The Passage), the world is regularly being smashed by asteroids, ravaged by viruses and overrun by zombies. Pop culture's embrace of end times has become, if not casual, then matter-of-fact. The apocalypse is a given; get over it already.

Getting over it already is the challenge facing Hig, the narrator of The Dog Stars, Peter Heller's crackerjack new novel set a decade or so after an epidemic wiped out 99 percent of the U.S. population. With its soulful hero, macabre villains, tender (if thin) love story and action scenes staggered at perfectly spaced intervals, the story unfolds with the vigor of the film it will undoubtedly become. But it also succeeds as a dark, poetic and funny novel in its own right ...

You can read (or listen to) a couple of chapters of the book here at NPR.


Anonymous Victor said...

(((The apocalypse is a given; get over it already.)))

Hey Crystal, I was born in the year of the dog so because of that, me, myself and i should be able to buy a little protection from "IT"! Don't ya think? :)

I hear ya sinner vic! Stop thinking cause "IT" is dangerous during this time of "The Apocalypse" besides, your French is NOW starting to show and hell "Her" won't like "IT" Victor.

Don't be silly sinner vic! You're just picking some of my brain cells cause me and my wife when and saw "Les MisÉrables"

last night!!! :)

Victor! Victor! Victor! Go ahead and laugh "IT" all the "WAY UP" if "IT" makes ya feel better but that little retardo soul dream of yours who owns less than "ONE" per sense of our body will not be laughing when the alien gods get there, I mean their hands on him or is "IT" Her hands NOW? :(

because the more ya learn about GOD (Good Old Dad), the funnier "IT" will become for human bodies so go ahead and cry happy tears all the way to the bank with your abortions butt then on "The Other Hand" as far as you and your alien gods are concerned "Cause Set" already and we you mans, i mean humans have no chance in this world of "The Alien gods"? :)




By the way, Happy New Year to you, your family, friends and readers of your blog Crystal


10:02 AM  
Blogger crystal said...

Hi Voctor,

You saw Les Misérables? Was it good? The trailer makes it look beautiful but maybe pretty sad. Still, Hugh Jackman and Russell Crowe :)

1:29 PM  
Anonymous Victor said...

Having gone to French school until grade eight and then go figure, our French alien society leaders decided to start an elite French school and long story short, I wasn't invited but because of my 7% Jesus cells, I've got no choice NOW but to love them to death. :)

All kidding aside, "IT" was very good and my wife and "I" both loved it. Believe "IT" or not I could probably write a spiritual book about this movie cause "IT" just screamed at me, myself and i and many of my reality flesh cells couldn't help but send a few tears their WAY and you'll also know what "I" mean when and if ya go and see this great movie. :)

In a comment somewhere, I said that I wouldn't rush to see another musical but on second thought, if they made "ONE" like that with my kind of country music in "IT" then that would be another story although my wife and i did enjoy a few of the popular songs.

If only Russell Crowe had found Jesus, me, myself and i think that "IT" would have been a LOT happier story. :(

I hear ya sinner vic! Crystal will ya ever learn to never ask Victor was he thinks about anything!? :)


10:10 AM  
Blogger crystal said...


3:02 PM  
Anonymous Parts for Hummer said...

I feel like I can recall this book, not only with wonder and love, but also hold dear the grainy truths of what it's like to live on the edge. I will not forget Hig.
A must read.

8:24 PM  

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