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Thursday, January 31, 2013


- What is sex for? Andrew Brown asks this in his latest post ... Is gay marriage really about sex?

- Who knew Thomas Reese SJ tweets?

- Some US Bishops say they're willing to go to jail to keep from paying for health insurance (link). If only they were willing to go to jail for telling the truth about the sex abuse cover-up.

- Read about the 'spiritual but not religious' movement from Diana Butler Bass - Christianity After Religion: The End of Church and the Birth of a New Spiritual Awakening

- This clip from the BBC's Africa wildlife program shows a squirrel getting a scare when a big cat makes too much noise stalking :) ...


Anonymous Victor said...

Whow! I have to hand "IT" to you crystal, for whatever reason(s), you certainly have not stopped discussing so called same-sex-marriage rights and of course, you certainly are withing your rights to do so and I thank GOD (Good Old Dad) that we can still agree to disagree on "IT". :)

When will people learn to accept "IT" and "IT" really scared me as a Catholic that "IT" has not completely taken over our church yet.

I hear ya sinner vic! Catholics can't do that, at least for the next couple of centuries, because they have been committed to the position that God planned the plumbing because of a dam Eve!

Sinner vic, Don't ya mean Adam and Eve?

Between you and me crystal, this so called propoganda has been going on for a long time and satan is determined to have U>S (usual sinners) fighting for Eternity if this angel's evil spiritual reality cells have their way in this world.

I recall when I was a teen and I didn't even know "IT" at the time but my mother who was very poor, manage to get a free ping shirt and long story short, I wore "IT" proudly because I thought that "IT" represented "Cancer".

Longer story short, I've asked GOD in prayer why me, myself and i can't accept same-sex-marriages and I keep trying to con vince myself that "IT" won't be needed for me to cut off my ring off my finger after about 43 years of marriage and be "ONE" of the first to wear "IT" around my neck as respect for my wife if all of Canada agrees that there's absolutely nothing wrong with two wrongs making "ONE" Right?

I know many will laugh when I say that these people who GOD also loves are actually closer to GOD then many of U>S (usual sinners) would believe. In other words and very long story short, satan is still convincing many that there's nothing wrong with their sexual behavior and they should all stick to get her, I mean together and continue to stick to their guns while also ignoring gay people who argued that the model of heterosexual marriage is entirely right and should not be imposed on them.

((("Can a gay couple be a means of grace to one another?" and "Does the archbishop of Canterbury have oral sex?")))

"I" could go on and on, but what good would "IT" do to debate "IT" here and NOW cause too many are hurting already for other reasons by "The Devil" who is "ONE" who still lived backward if ya get my drift? :)

"I'M" sure that there are people out there who can be of a LOT more help then sinner vic's 92% so called godly cells could be in dis custing "IT" NOW? :)



3:08 PM  
Blogger crystal said...

Thanks for the link, Victor.

12:26 AM  

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