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Saturday, February 09, 2013

Some links

- Giles Fraser stops writing for the Church Times - Goodbye: I am letting anger drop

- An article in Slate about Aaron Swartz - Aaron Swartz wanted to save the world. Why couldn’t he save himself? - that links to a list Aaron made at his blog of the books he'd read in 2011. It's an interesting list - the only book we'd both read was Kafka's The Trial

- While Catholics fight a turf war for Richard III's remains, Amy Davidson at the New Yorker writes about the condition of his body - his wounds, his disability - and what that meant to being king ... The Humiliation of Richard III

- Read an interview at The Nation with award-winning film maker Alex Gibney - Sexual Abuse and Cover-up in the Catholic Church: A Q&A With Filmmaker Alex Gibney

- From What's in Kelvin's Head, a post with this video of a speech by MP David Lammy in the House of Commons on why "separate but equal" is a failed ethics ....

- I'm still watching the video series on the Spiritual Exercises. I'm now up to #6 - Dynamics of the Spiritual Exercises Lecture 6: Public Ministry of Christ ...


Anonymous Victor said...

Forgive me crystal but "I'M" so angry with GOD NOW!

To be honest, I've been angry for a few days NOW! I even wrote a little about "IT" here

but rightly so he never allowed "IT" and he's usually pretty lenient with me. Go figure! :(

Victor! Victor! Victor! Ya have no right to be UP SET with U>S (usual sinning gods) cause we were going to make ya incharge of our 92% godly cells butt instead your so called temple, "I" mean your house, "I" mean your body flesh would sooner fall low that little "ONE" per sense little retardo cell who still believes in these so called 7%" "Jesus Cells". Listen here Victor, U>S gods are giving ya hunt till after your Canadian Federal Election and if ya haven't straightened yourself UP by then, let's just say that there will be a LOT of Hell to pay if ya get my drift?

WHY YA TALKING TO ME sinner vic! Didn't ya say that me, myself and i died in 1991 or so?

Sorry "I" must have been talking to another Victor!

Pay sinner vic no mind crystal cause as most humans know, "There's "ONE" in every crowd. :)

Whatever you do, please don't stop praying for U>S.


10:33 AM  
Anonymous Victor said...

Those Hack hers are good crystal cause after here, I had this below but then let's just say that i am wrong again if ya know what "I" mean?


10:40 AM  
Anonymous Victor said...

Actually this "ONE" would have been more appropri hate cause "IT" reminds me of when "I" started with the internet in my early fiftees.

I hear ya folks! There's nothing wrong with ya sinner vic, "IT" is the rest of the world!

Go Figure! :)


11:39 AM  
Anonymous Victor said...

Hey crystal, "IT" must be Sunday cause some of my American cousin's spiritual reality cells just those their Canadian friends that this ain't nothing and they even let me listen to "IT" NOW!

I hear ya! Go Figure Victor? :)


1:18 PM  
Blogger crystal said...

Hi Victor. Thanks for the links :)

2:43 PM  

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