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Friday, February 22, 2013

The 10th Kingdom

Tonight at Whole Foods the muzak played a song reminiscent of The 10th Kingdom which has a couple of scenes where evil trolls are captivated by the music of the Bee Gees :) (posted about the movie here: part 1 and part 2)

Here's a bit of a past review in the New York Times about the movie (mini-series, actually) ...

COVER STORY; Through a Very Different Looking Glass

[...] Calling it complex hardly begins to cover ''The 10th Kingdom,'' which took seven months to film and mixes dozens of fairy-tale characters into an enormous whole. Although its script is an original story, written by Simon Moore, ''The 10th Kingdom'' still adheres to the ''Gulliver'' trend by weaving in a variety of fables familiar to us from childhood.

The story starts out simply enough. A young Manhattan waitress (Kimberly Williams) and her father (John Larroquette) accidentally fall through a magic mirror and into a mythical land of nine kingdoms. Along the way, however, the plot complications add up quickly. The father and daughter are escorted by a wolf-turned-man (Scott Cohen), chased by the Troll King (Ed O'Neill) and his minions and threatened by the Evil Queen (Dianne Wiest).

There are humorous allusions to familiar characters like the Seven Dwarfs and Rapunzel throughout the 10 hours and appearances by updated versions of Snow White (Camryn Manheim) and Cinderella (Ann-Margret). It's like the Grimm Brothers' Greatest Hits, as interpreted by Woody Allen ...

It's one of my favorite movies, perhaps because I remember sitting together with my mom and watching each night of it (it was on for five nights). I see that you can now watch the whole movie at YouTube here. Here's a trailer ...


Anonymous Victor said...

Believe it or not, I've never seen this movie although I probably walked in while someone was watching it cause I remember that dog changing into a man.

I hear ya folks! Who knows, they've made a second movie in 2007 and they'll probably make a third someday.

What's that you say Crystal? Maybe sinner vic and his imaginary friends might star in "IT" and/or direct the movie NOW!

DON'T SCARE "ME", "ME" AND "ME" LIKE THAT now !!!!! :(

Go figure!? :)


5:49 PM  

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